Monday, July 6, 2015

Fourth of July Recap 2015

Happy Monday friends! I hope everyone is feeling rested from the holiday weekend, but I'm also aware that you might be dragging your feet to go back to work. I know that Eric certainly wasn't ready for the holiday to be over, and to be honest, even though I'm on summer vacation myself I wasn't ready for it to end either. Day to day just isn't as much fun as a holiday weekend. 

Ella left with my parents for the country house on Friday morning, so Eric & I had our anniversary to do whatever we pleased with. We decided the best thing to do would be head right down to one of my best friends' lake house! It was sunny & 75 - absolutely perfect weather for sitting in Adirondack chairs & listening to the water. I swear, we probably stayed there for two hours just relaxing & chatting with each other. Eventually, the other party guests began to arrive & we decided to stop being anti-social. 

My friends' family goes in with two other families to throw this party & it is amazing every year. There is a full pig roast, clam bake, two bands, open bar, and a fireworks display that rivals Disney. I'm so grateful that they open their home to us every year because it's an absolute blast. 

Normally, we camp overnight in their yard after the fireworks, but since I had no choice but to be the DD & I didn't really feel like sleeping in a tent, we decided to head back after the fireworks. It's less than an hour drive to get there normally, but took use closer to an hour and a half after the fireworks. Even though the traffics was insane getting off the lake, Eric & I had the best time in the drive home listening to Road Trip Radio. It's a seasonal station on SiriusXM & so eclectic. We belted out everything from Whitney Houston to U2 to Garyh Brooks - so much fun. 

On a side note - I got a ton of compliments on the dessert that I took to the party. I made these s'mores magic bars & OMG were they good. They are so gooey & delicious, I'll definitely be making them again! 

Since we didn't have Ella at home, I took advantage & slept in on Saturday morning - which is 7:30 in my book. When I dragged myself out of bed, I texted my sister to go walking with me & she agreed - because she's a total early bird too. While out on our walk, we saw a local 10K happening in her neighborhood & I'm mentally noting that I'd like to run it next year. I love holiday races!

Upon arrival back at her house, Britt graciously volunteered her husband to make us breakfast & he came through with pancakes & bacon! #thanksmatt Then, Britt volunteered to do my nails for me. #thanksbritt I left feeling like I'd been at the spa all morning! 

Eric was finishing up some yard work when I got home, so I tackled meal planning & grocery shopping for the week. Then, we got wild & crazy and steam cleaned the carpets in preparation for Olivia's arrival. I know... we get real wild when Ella goes out of town. 

We did actually go out on a date Saturday night though! I got showered & got dressed, blew out my hair, and even wore make up! #nothingbutthebestformyman 

We decided to try City Grill because a) we'd heard good things, b) it has patio seating, and c) it's a place we couldn't normally go if Ella was home. Eric ordered the chicken pesto pizza...

... and I ordered roasted chicken with loaded macaroni & cheese. 

Both were amazing. If you're local, you definitely need to check this place out this summer because amazing food + a gorgeous patio is hard to come by in Rochester! 

We thought about ordering dessert at the restaurant, but decided that we'd rather just go get ice cream cones. I was totally craving Maple Walnut & got a "kiddie" cone that was the size of my head. 

The rest of our night was spent nesting - working on the house, working on the blog, working in Olivia's nursery - while watching the Macy's Firework Spectacular on tv because we had no desire to battle crowds at another fireworks display two nights in a row. 

Sunday morning, we got right up & took Charlie out for a LONG walk because we were headed to the lake again. My brother - in - law's family is renting a cottage on a different lake & invited my family to come out for the day, so we met my parents & Ella there for a day of family fun! 

Before we could leave, I had to hit the kitchen again & this time I made my most requested summer dessert - my "American Trifle." So simple, so delicious, always a crowd pleaser. 

Eric & I left for the lake right on schedule & arrived around 11. My parents weren't there with Ella yet, so I got to hang with my sister for a bit before I went into parent mode. 

And I'm glad I had a few minutes to relax because Ella was ready for the water when she arrived! 

The lake water was freezing - but I was able to recruit some helpers to get in with Ella while I stayed on the dock & took pictures. (Yes, that's my sister's dog swimming in his lifejacket.) 

Once Ella tired of floating, she decided to come out & do some sunbathing. I just can't get over how big she looks in this picture... 

Then she managed to convince her Aunt Britt to take her back into the lake. I don't know how Britt did it. Again, that lake was cold! 

And even though Matt's parents have a sail boat that you couldn't pay me to get on, their neighbors offered to take us all out on a tour of the lake on their speed boat. We had a blast looking at all the mansions on the lake & pointing out all of the features we liked as if we could ever afford to live there ourselves. 

We left around 5 so that we could make it back to watch the US Finals & OMG what a crazy game! Eric is a huge US Soccer fan, so our house was going nuts. Definitely a great way to end our 4th of July Weekend! 

Have a Great Week! 

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