Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bumpdate: 38 Weeks

size of the baby: Pumpkin  

total weight gain:  26 lbs. - I'm still eating plenty, but fried foods make me feel miserable, so I've essentially cut them out entirely. They're my number 1 vice & always the reason I pack on pounds, so I wasn't surprised when I saw my weight drop a little bit this week. 

gender: Baby Girl - Miss Olivia Rose 

movement: a little less frequent, but when she does move, I definitely know it! I mostly feel her pressing against me, almost like she's trying to stretch it out. 

craving: Totally random, but I'm eating a ton of orange Jell-o topped with Cool Whip. 

exercise: I had 72,000 steps for the week & only missed my step goal one day, which happened to be the same day we were at the lake for Ring of Fire. Exercise is one of the few things that feels really good - even better than sitting a lot of the time - so I'll definitely be keeping it up! 

symptoms: Just my normal nighttime heartburn & the same old contractions. Thankfully nothing new to report... 

best moments: 
  • I've had some great family time this week & feel like we've really soaked up our time as a family of three. As frustrated as I'm getting with being pregnant, I feel like this is God's way of giving Ella what she needs - some one on one mommy time before the baby arrives. 

looking forward to: 

  • Having this baby! Let's do this Olivia! 
  • Eric took the day off tomorrow & we're planning to head back out to the lake for the day. He knew that Ella would be gone for the day & that I'd welcome a distraction :) 
  • My mom is coming for our favorite festival of the summer this weekend - Corn Hill Arts Festival! 

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