Friday, July 31, 2015

August Goals

Well, I don't know about you, but my July flew by. Actually, the beginning dragged as I woke up every day wondering if I'd go into labor, but once Olivia arrived, things went into fast forward mode! Despite being busier than ever, I still managed to work towards my July goals & I have some August goals set for myself too! I mean, I can't just sit around in my PJs all day every day - though it is tempting with a newborn! 

August Goals: 
  • Clean my closet. 
    • I really need to pack up all of my maternity clothes, list what I'm going to sell on Tradesy, and send the rest over to my sister's house. No more babies for me, she can store them until she decides to have the next one! I also need to get my closet organized for back to school - I'm going to try a new organizational strategy & have a lot of sorting/folding/donating to do! 
  • Get my classroom set up. 
    • My classroom is all cleaned & ready to go thanks to our custodial staff! Now it's my turn to go in, spruce up the bulletin boards, make copies, and prep for opening day! This is especially important because I get back from vacation on Sunday, August 30th & go back to work on Tuesday, September 1st! No time to waste! 
  • Stockpile Breastmilk 
    • I've been exclusively breastfeeding since Olivia has been born, but I know it's time to bust out my pump & start stockpiling for the school year. I'd like to have as much on hand as possible before I go back to work in September & delay the introduction of formula for as long as possible. I'm still not sure how my schedule at work is going to work out for pumping, so I figure the more proactive I am, the better. 
  • Design & Order Olivia's Birth Announcements
    • This is going to require me to decide on a picture to use & to address a ton of envelopes... both seemingly menial tasks that will probably take me forever to accomplish. I just loved Ella's birth announcements though & definitely want to send them out for Olivia as well. Mama just needs to get her act together! 
And how did I do on my July goals? Let's recap...
  • Have a baby! 
    • Done! I think I did a pretty good job too :) 
  • Plan Ella's birthday party! 
    • Done! You can read all about Ella's Flamingo Fiesta here! 
  • Check off 5 items from Ella's Summer Bucket List
    • We did great with this one! So far we've... 
      • Had a playdate with Ethan. 
      • Went to the zoo. 
      • Had a playdate with Addy. 
      • Went to story time at the library. 
      • Got tacos. 
      • Turned 3. 
      • Became a big sister! 
  • Maintain exercise & healthy eating habits.
    • I would say that I fell off the wagon for approximately one week of July & that was the week leading up to Olivia's birth. I wasn't out of control, but I didn't have the willpower to resist ice cream or other treats. I did keep up all of my exercising habits though, and despite not wearing my FitBit at all the week after Olivia's birth, I've worked my way back up to 10,000 steps & am hitting my step goal consistently again! 
  • Get car maintenanced & detailed. 
    • 50% on this one. The car got maintenanced, but didn't get detailed. We've been debating trading it in for a mini-van, so I didn't want to spend a ton of money getting it cleaned just to turn it over the next week. If we don't make a decision/purchase before we go on vacation at the end of this month, it will definitely be getting detailed! 

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