Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Recap - 28th Birthday Edition

This weekend was spent celebrating me! I am not ashamed... I love my birthday! The fact that it fell on a Monday this year, just meant that we could spend all weekend celebrating it too :) 

We kicked off the festivities on Friday night by sending Ella on her way to the country house with my sister to visit my mom & dad. That allowed Eric & I to have a date night (quite possibly our last one for awhile) and let my parents spend some quality time with Ella. 

waiting for Aunt Britt to pick her up on Friday

Eric & I went out for Mexican food at a little local joint that we like. I ate a ton of chips with salsa, then followed it up with a big ol' taco salad. So yummy! I didn't take a picture, but it was one of the ones served in a fried tortilla bowl - my fave! 

Next, we went to see Entourage at the movie theater. We rarely go see movies in the theater, so when we do, we opt to go to a nice theater with the big leather reclining seats. The movie was everything I expected (we were huge fans of the show in college) and I was so comfy in my seat. My only "snacks" were Tums though because my heartburn came on strong about halfway through the movie... 

Saturday morning was FREEZING. The temperature was down to the high 40's, so I canceled my plans to go out for a walk with Charlie. I just don't do scarves in June. Instead, I took the time to clean up the house & mentally prepare myself for the renovation that would be taking place in my bathroom the rest of the day... 

More on the renovations later, but I will say it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be & my father in law ended up taking me out to lunch, so it was worth the mess. We ate at Hose 22 & I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese - to die for! I could only eat less than half & am so glad that I didn't push myself to finish it because in a few short hours my parents showed up to return Miss Ella & take me to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory! 

Thankfully it had warmed up to 60 by lunch & I did end up fitting my walk in because I feel like all I did was eat this weekend!

I ordered my favorites - Cajun Chicken Littles & Lemon Meringue Cheesecake - so good! 

Sunday morning was the exact opposite of Saturday, so Ella & I got right up to do a few miles before we spent the day with Aunt Britt & Uncle Matt. But before we left for the day, Ella had to check on her "rock collection"... 

Now on to the big event of our day - they just opened a Costco in Rochester, so we all went to sign up. All the bloggers love Costco, so I knew I'd fall in love too. OMG - that place is amazing! I had so many yummy samples, stocked up on some staples, & somehow resisted buying things that I didn't "need" but definitely wanted. (You can chalk up my restraint to Eric's presence on this trip.) 

After we dropped off all of our purchases, we hit up a new place in our town called i-Square. It's basically a higher end food court with rooftop seating. The food was excellent & the ice cream was even better! Plus, I loved eating in the sunshine on the roof... 

I finished out my weekend with a second walk with my sister - much needed after everything I ate this weekend - and tucked my sweet Ella into bed before 8 p.m. Now... it's time to conquer our last full week of classes! 

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