Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Seven Things for Tuesday

It's my last Tuesday with kids & things are about to get random in here... 

1 - Panera Rapid Pick Up

I'm absolutely in love with this service! Eric worked from home yesterday & asked me to pick up lunch on the way home (still working half days until tomorrow). He texted me his order, I punched it into the website & paid online. All I had to do to pick up the food was walk in, find my name on the shelf, and double check my bag! It was so fast & simple. I'll definitely be doing it again - especially when we have a newborn in the house. 

2 - Farther Along 

I am officially farther along with Olivia than I made it with Ella. I am 35 weeks 4 days today, and I was admitted to the hospital at 35 weeks 3 days with Ella. I was totally on pins & needles all day yesterday, just having weird vibes, but this pregnancy has been totally different from my first & I'm actually starting to believe that I'll make it to term with Olivia. 

3 - Costco Obsessed

I mentioned yesterday that we made another trip to Costco over the weekend. Well, that was actually after the trip Eric made on Friday too! He stopped in to buy a shelving system for the basement, and we now officially have "bulk storage" in our home. Currently on our shelf - lots of diapers & wipes, Easy Mac, and beer. We're loving a ton of fresh items too, including the produce, which has totally exceeded my expectations. If you're laughing to yourself about my excitement for bulk goods, I understand. However, we're new to the bulk life & are totally embracing it. 

4 - Summer Pandora

If you haven't heard about this Pandora radio station - you need to give it a listen now. It's an instant throwback to my youth! I've been listening to it non-stop! 

5 - To Do Lists 

to-do list + Apple TV + my bed = super productive afternoon

I'm living off of to-do lists right now. Yesterday, I worked at school from 7:10 to 11, then left to rest at home for the rest of the day. Resting turned into working on report cards & IEPs from my bed. Checking items off my list was super satisfying though & I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! 

6 - My New Sneakers 

For my birthday, my mom bought me a ton of new gear to lose the baby weight this summer. As I typed that, it sounds like she's insulting me, but it's what I asked her for! Top of my list were these sneakers! 

I've worn Nike Frees for three years now (my first pair was a push present when Ella was born), but I've never tried the FlyKnit kind before. I'm absolutely in love with them & wearing them every chance I get. 

7 - Ella's New Hat

Last thing... how cute is she in this hat? I just loved the floral logo, so I bought Ella the hat & a zip-up hoodie. Then, I bought Liv a romper (sold out) & zip up hoodie. I cannot wait to see them matching together! 

And this list was going to be 10 things... but I'm out of steam... That's what the end of the school year + 35 weeks pregnant will do to you. Have a great day! 

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