Saturday, June 27, 2015

Our First Day of Summer Vacation

 We started off summer vacation bright & early because Ella was convinced that if she simply got me out of bed, then she'd be able to convince me to go to Miss Jennie's. After a long discussion, it finally set in that she's stuck with me. This is what she thought about that...

While Ella ate her cereal & fruit (her request), I whipped up my own breakfast of eggs, ham, & cheese. 

After we ate, we headed right out for our morning walk! Ella was pretty excited about it... 

Normally when we get home from our walks, we chill out & relax. But on Friday, we had afternoon of fun planned, so we had to get ready & set out for our errands first thing! Thankfully, I was able to get everything taken care of with one stop at Target... 

We picked up some strawberry scented shampoo for Ella - she's been asking for it for weeks & did not let go of it the entire time we were in the store - along with a bunch of other "essentials." Then, on the way home, we made a pit stop at Sonic for a 99 cent drink. I am absolutely obsessed with their crushed ice - which I know is really random - and love that all large drinks are only 99 cents before 10 a.m.! 

At this point, my Aunt Babs, Grandma, & Ella's cousin Ethan were on their way to our house for lunch & a trip to the zoo. We decided it'd be easier to feed the kids at my house than to take everyone to a restaurant, so I got to work in the kitchen. I whipped up a pasta salad, a bunch of cut fruit, and then grilled up some hot dogs. Pretty much the perfect summer meal for little kids... 

After lunch, we headed out to tackle an item on Ella's Summer Bucket List - a trip to the zoo! 

I just love her "stink eye" face

This was Ethan's first trip to the zoo & he loved it! 

Ella was pretty pumped to discover that they've added a "fossil digging area" - aka a sandbox. It's pretty gross if you ask me, but she absolutely loved it & I'm sure I'll be there with her often.

We managed to see everything, and the kids fell asleep as soon as we hit the zoo path back to my neighborhood. Since everyone was zonked out, my aunt & grandma decided to hit the road, & I had a little time to myself while Ella continued to nap upstairs. 

Eric arrived home around 5 & we headed out for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants - The Gate House. Ella & I were both thrilled to be seated outside on the patio! 

 Good conversation, beautiful weather, delicious food - perfect start to our summer! 

Upon arrival back at home from dinner, I did some exciting stuff - like laundry & emptying the dishwasher - while Eric gave Ella her bath. When I came back upstairs, I found her happily watching Daniel Tiger. 

Then when I came back downstairs, I found her father happily in his recliner, preparing himself for the US game vs. China. Personally, I spent the rest of the evening at my desk, working on the blog & a few other projects. Very low key end to a perfect start to our summer!


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