Friday, June 5, 2015

Life Update

First off, let me recognize this sacred day & wish you all a happy National Donut Day! 

My bestie was hitching a ride to work with me this morning, so we'd planned to stop for our free donuts at Dunkin' - but the line was absolutely ridiculous so we decided to stop at Tim Horton's, get to work on time, & just skip the donut. It seemed like the responsible thing to do. Luckily, another one of my co-workers brought in donuts for everyone! So I got to eat this little slice of Oreo/Donut heaven! 

I'd been planning to do a Friday Favorites post today, but life has kind of gotten in the way this week. On Wednesday, I ended up in Triage because I was having contractions. Scary, yes. Serious, turns out it wasn't. They ended up stopping on their own after a few hours of monitoring & consensus is that I'm simply overdoing it. So... I went into my regularly scheduled doctor's appointment yesterday fully expecting a lecture. Turns out, I didn't get one. My blood pressure is fantastic, the baby is healthy as a horse, my weight gain is right where my doctor wants it and she just wants me to scale it back a little bit. #hugesighofrelief

So what does scaling it back mean? Well, in my case it means that I'm going to work half days for the remainder of the school year, cut back my daily steps, and take a nap in the afternoons. I actually think it's a pretty good deal on my part. 

I opted to work in the mornings & take the afternoons off, just so I have a little quiet time in the house by myself every day. Chasing an almost 3 year old & resting don't exactly go hand in hand....

Speaking of that almost 3 year old, we've had such an awesome week! Here few pics from our week, actually most of them are from yesterday, just roll with it... 

On Monday, we unexpectedly took a trip to Buffalo because one of our very best friends was in town. He had planned to come to Rochester, but there were complications with the plan, and in the end, I'm so glad that we went to Buff instead. We had dinner at Duff's, which is my favorite wing place of all time, with 6 out of 10 of Eric's college roommates. To say we had a blast was an understatement. They all love on Ella, but her Uncle Drew has her heart.

Ella is all about flamingos lately - and "twirling dresses" - so this dress is an absolute favorite of hers. And... she's finally letting me put big ol' bows in her hair & liking it! 

We took some selfies to send to Grammy & Gramps... 

Ella needs to practice her kissy face.

About 3 minutes away from Miss Jennie's, Ella announced that she was hungry. When I asked how she could be hungry after eating a whole bowl of Cheerios, she informed me that Charlie ate them. Since sending her to daycare without breakfast wasn't an option, we stopped at Tim Hortons to share a bagel. Thankfully we were way ahead of schedule... 

And we had a popsicle party in the backyard last night! 

Have a Wonderful Weekend & Eat as Many Donuts as You Please! 

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