Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Photo Challenge

Andrea & Erika are hosting #thephotochallenge2015 on Instagram & since I'm not that great at remembering to play along daily, I thought I'd share my photos from June here on the blog! And just in the spirit of total disclosure - I completely failed on a few days... 

Day 1 - Fresh 

Ella's favorite summer snack? Fresh fruit! 

Day 2 - PJs

fresh out of bed, 1/2 of her PJs, ready to brush

Day 3 - Kiss

we really need to work on our kissy faces...

Day 4 - Starts with F

Ella loves her FLAMINGO dress!

Day 5 - Party 

we took a trip to Scratch Bakeshop to order the cake for her 3rd birthday party & came home with a vanilla cupcake topped with strawberry buttercream & rainbow sprinkles #shedidntshare

Day 6 - Kitchen

making up a batch of pasta salad in the kitchen #summerstaple

Day 7 - Shape 

while watching the baboons, Ella said "look mama, it's a triangle!" 

Day 8 - Forever 

I hope she asks to take pictures with me forever...

Day 9 - Go 

always on the go with my sidekick!

Day 10 - I Bought This...

I was absolutely starving on my way home from school & decided to indulge in a little Moe's

Day 11 - Mom

I love it when my mom comes to visit! Especially when she brings birthday presents! 

Day 13 - Under $5 

our local fro-yo joint has "Monday Fun-day" where you can get a 12 oz. cup with as many toppings as you want for $3.49 - it's a pregnant woman's dream... this is PB Fro-Yo with crushed Reese's & hot fudge - OMG Yum!

Day 14 - 9 a.m. 

at 9 a.m. on June 14th... we were patiently waiting for Grammy & Gramps to surprise us! 

Day 15 - In My Bag...

in my bag... mail, planner, wallet, tissues, extra jewelry, Tylenol, tissues, hand sanitizer & head phones

Day 16 - Snack

I am just in love with Starbuck's mini-fraps. I hope they keep this size option forever! 

Day 17 - Friends 

with friends, honoring an amazing friend, at the ZDS Golf Tourney

Day 18 - Blue
sporting red, white, and blue for to support the U.S. Women's Soccer team in the World Cup! 

Day 19 - In My Hand... 

my absolute favorite take out - buffalo chicken salad from Gio's in Eric's hometown

Day 21 - Wacky 

I was checking our wireless bill & just about died when I saw this... Eric had over 3,000 texts last moth. I had 271. Before you think he has a whole lot of ladies on the side, know that this is the result of ridiculous group texts with his frat brothers. 

Day 22 - Bag 

so proud of her bag from the Lego store

Day 23 - I Spy 

I spy Ella peeking out from underneath my bump...

Day 24 - Collection

Ella insists that the stones in between our patio pavers are her "rock collection" and is constantly trying to bring them inside! 
Day 25 - Remember 

my new Erin Condren planner because I have lots to remember these days...

Day 26 - Good Together 

chips & a turkey sub... always good together

Day 27 - On My Left 

I love it when this guy is on my left... because it means I'm not driving :) 

Day 28 - Chaotic

taking two kids to the zoo was chaotic... but a lot of fun! 

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