Monday, June 1, 2015

June Goals

Best feeling ever when you're a middle school teacher? Ripping off the calendar so that it's June! I swear, it was like seeing the light at the end of a tunnel when I tore that sucker off this morning!

June is one of my favorite months for two main reasons - my birthday & the end of the school year. When I was younger, it was also dance recital month & I lived for dance recitals. 

I have a lot on my plate this June though, mainly because I'm not really sure when Olivia will decide to make her appearance. I'm not due until July 18th, but Ella came 5 weeks early, and I'm already being pretty closely monitored. That basically leaves it up in the air as to whether or not I'll make it through the end of my school year since we don't end until June 25th. I mean in theory, I have lots of time, but who knows if that will happen. 

With that said, my June Goals are less "goals" and more of a "to-do list"... 

  • Finish up all work responsibilities.
    • This is a LONG list, but I'm chipping away at it slowly. Lots of IEP goals to evaluate, finals to grade, and report cards to finish! It will be a huge sigh of relief when all of this is done. 
  • Pack hospital bags.
    • I need to get on this. Problem is, I didn't pack a hospital bag last time I had a baby. I just kept sending Eric home to get stuff. (That's what happens when you get admitted from a doctor's appointment & they don't let you go home.) So, I'm scouring Pinterest lists & trying to decide what I should actually pack. 
  • Keep up with my exercise & healthy eating.
    • I'm going to ease up on the calories & I've set my step goal to 4 miles per day now, but I still want to stay as active as possible! 
  • Find time to play with Ella every day. 
    • This is my main priority because it's sinking in that I don't have a ton of time left to hang out with just my Ella. If she wants to play blocks, we'll play blocks. If she wants to watch shows & snuggle together, we'll do it! 
And... I figured I should update you all on how I did on my May Goals too! 

May Goals:

  • Hit my step goal every day. 
    • 27 out of 31 days in May I hit my goal! One day that I didn't hit, yesterday. Yes, on May 31st I threw in the towel at 9,100 steps because it was just too rainy & cold to go outside for a walk and I was tired of pacing around my house! 
  • Get Olivia's closet finished. 
    • Done & I love it! 
  • Cook or bake something new every week. 
    • I made dinner 4 out of 5 days a week in May! We tried a cheesy tortellini bake &  fresh blueberry bars. I had planned to try this Mexi Mac, but we ended up grilling instead. On a non-internet note, I made  recipe that a friend hand wrote for me! #gasp It's her Southwest Tortellini Salad & so delish. She gave me permission to share it on the blog too, so be on the look out for that! 
  • Visit the Lilac Festival. 
    • Somehow, we missed this. The weather was bad one weekend, we had my parents were here the other. I didn't really need to eat fried dough. So... we didn't go this year. Next year! 
  • Don't buy any new clothes for myself.
    • Fail. I'm not even going to go into it. It was just a major fail. 

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