Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Home Updates

Eric & I are coming up on our two year anniversary of home ownership. We had a lot of plans to make the house our own when we got the keys that fateful Friday... and we haven't followed through on even half of them. But... nesting has gotten the best of us & we've finally gotten busy busting out some home projects before Olivia arrives! 

Project #1 - Bathroom Vanity 

This was the biggest project that we tackled, so I'll start with it. When we moved into our house, I loved the big glass bowl style sink in our bathroom. It took me about a month to hate it. It was never clean & was just totally awkward to use while getting ready. Once Ella started walking, it became apparent that the sharp corners on the counter top were a hazard as well. Add on to that, the size of the vanity was too large for the space & I had to wedge myself in there for bath time. As I've gotten larger with this pregnancy, the space issue has become an even bigger problem. So, when the sink started leaking, we decided we'd simply replace the whole thing. 

We opted for a Euro sized vanity to save space in our small bathroom. All 3 (soon to be 4) of us share this bathroom, so it needs to be functional! I actually picked out the same exact vanity that was in our apartment downtown that I loved, just in a darker finish. Then, I selected a far more practical faucet that I can actually control the temperature on! 

Project #2 - Ceiling Fans 

I didn't even think about ceiling fans when we moved into our house, but we don't have central air, and it quickly became apparent that they were needed in the upstairs bedrooms. We added one to Ella's nursery (now Olivia's room) shortly after moving in, and then just recently added one to Ella's new room as well. They're the exact same fan, with short blades to meet the proportions of the room, and work really well to keep the air circulating. Definitely a simple fix that has made a huge difference. 

Project #3 - Window Coverings 

I am making it my mission in life to upgrade the window coverings in our house. We inherited everything that the previous owner's left behind, and to say that our tastes don't mesh would be a huge understatement. So far, I've done the dining room, kitchen, and both of the girls' rooms. Let me tell you - curtains aren't cheap! I've lucked out though & found some great options at Marshal's, Home Goods, and Target. 
gray chevron curtains from Target in Olivia's room

white ruffle curtains from Wayfair in Olivia's room

We also added wooden blinds to Olivia's room & our own room, which has made a huge difference. I will definitely be adding them elsewhere as soon as the budget allows! 

Project #4 - Basement Clean Up 

This project has been all Eric, but I appreciate it so much. Up until two weeks ago, our basement was an utter disaster zone. I refuse to show you all pictures because it's embarrassing. He has taken out tons of clutter to the curb (the majority of it belonging to the home's previous owners) and even made trips to properly dispose of paint at a bio-hazardous waste site. (I did not know you had to do that... I totally would have thrown it in the trash. #whoops) 

It's finally to the point where I can help him out a bit & I am sorting my way through boxes that are still unpacked two years after the move - most of which is either wedding gifts we've never used because we don't have space for them in the kitchen  or items that we had when we were just starting out & have since replaced. So... more trash on our curb. 

Clearly, Eric & I won't be taking over for Chip & Johanna any time soon, but I did want to document the small changes that we've been making around here. Have a Terrific Tuesday! 

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