Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites: End of the School Year Edition

Today is my favorite... because it's the first day of summer vacation! Another year is in the books & now we can focus on having all sorts of fun! 

Comparison pictures are my absolute favorite! I just put Ella's together for this school year & cannot believe how much she has matured. So much of that is the result of Miss Jennie's hard work. She is so consistent about manners, sharing, and learning. I'm beyond thankful that Olivia will be there with them next year & that I won't have to worry for a second! 

And to put it even more in perspective... here's last year's too! 

Another favorite for the end of the school year? My new planner! I splurged & ordered an Erin Condren this year. I figure that with two kids, my life will be even crazier than normal, so I should probably try to pull things together. I love that it's so colorful & that once Olivia arrives I can add a custom cover with pictures of the girls! I figure it will be full of doctor's appointments, dance lessons, and cheer competitions in no time. 

Let's be honest... one of my favorite parts of being a teacher is the gifts at the end of the year. One of my students that I've had the past two years is headed to the high school & brought me this cactus on our last day of finals. He said "I got you this instead of flowers so you can't kill it." You have to love special ed students... 

I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers - Andrea - and how she put her daughter's hair in a braid that went into a messy bun. I tried it on Tuesday & it wasn't a complete fail. I think Ella needs a little more hair for it to be noticeable, but we're going to keep practicing because Ella thought it was absolutely awesome. Also note - I don't actually know how to French braid, so I should probably watch a few YouTube tutorials on that... #girlmomfail 

And I just couldn't help but share my favorite picture of Ella from last weekend... 

We were at the golf course helping with the tournament & she totally took over the putting green. She had so much fun & every time she hit the ball in the hole she'd yell, "I Scored!" 

We're off to the zoo with my favorite aunt today, so I need to get ready! Have a fabulous weekend! 

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