Monday, June 22, 2015

Ella's Summer Bucket List

I can't believe it, but our first day of summer vacation is Friday! I feel like with all of my preparations for Olivia's arrival & the fact that I know she could arrive at any minute, has made me push off thoughts of summer. I'm totally changing that this week though & focusing on giving Ella a great summer - whether Olivia comes early, on time, or - God help me - late. This is what we've come up with as our 2015 Summer Bucket List! 

1 - Story Time at the Library 

Ella went to story time with Miss Jennie last week & can't stop talking about it. She's asked a bazillion times if we can go again, so I printed off the calendar & am going to make sure we hit it up! 

2 - Feed the Ducks 

There are a ton of ducks on the Erie Canal & the perfect place to feed them is in Pittsford, near one of my favorite ice cream shops ever. It should make for a great summer afternoon! 

3 - Splash Pad! 

This was on our list last year & we never made it! So it's officially a priority this year. 

4 - Visit the Lake 

One of my best friends has a lake house & boat. We went a couple times last summer & Ella absolutely loved it. I'm really hoping to get down there again because the sand bar was perfect swimming for Ella! And... there's an ice cream shop too :) 

5 - Bubbles! 

We love bubbles at our house! I especially love this bubble pot. Ours is from Five Below, but the one I linked from Amazon looks like the same thing. 

6 - Playdate with Addy 

Addy is Ella's BFF from daycare. They had their first playdate a couple weeks ago & can't stop talking about it. I have one lined up for next week & am hoping that I don't go into labor before then so that I can make it happen! 

7 - Zoo Trip 

We have a zoo membership, so this is pretty much a given for us. Ella loves the zoo though & I love how easy of a trip it is for us (we walk from our house)! There's also a great children's water area that I always forget about until we get there... #mustpackswimsuit 

8 - Museum of Play 

I took Ella to the Strong Museum of Play last spring break & she loved it, but we haven't been back since. I'm hoping to hit it up on a rainy day (probably with the rest of the city) so that she can see the rest of it - though she may not remember her visit by this point. We're going to invite Grammy Mary & Cousin Ophelia for this one too! 

9 -  Playdate with Ethan 

My cousin's son Ethan is about a year younger than Ella, but they play great together. I'm looking forward to my Aunt Babs bringing him up to play with us a few times this summer! 

10 - Blueberry Picking 

There's a great family owned patch near Eric's hometown that I want to take Ella to this summer. Her Grammy Nancy goes every year & I think she's finally old enough to join the crew! 

11 - Road Trip!! 

Our annual summer road trip to Myrtle Beach is definitely at the top of my priorities list! It's at the end of August, right before we go back to school, so we'll have something to look forward to all summer long! 

12 - Have a Sleepover at Aunt Britt's 

My sister probably just spit her coffee out as she read that. Yes, Ella is going to have a sleepover (or two) at Aunt Britt's house! 

13 - Sidewalk Chalk 

All day, every day. Ella loves her chalk. 

14 - Bake on a Rainy Day 

Ella is all about using her stool & helping in the kitchen right now! 

15 - Do a Craft

I am not crafty at all, but I do have some easy looking Pinterest crafts ready to go for Miss Ella this summer... 

16 - Have a Picnic with Daddy at Work

We did this last summer & Ella loved it! Eric's office has a gorgeous pavilion on the Erie Canal where employees can eat every day. We're planning to do it early on, before Olivia arrives, so it can just be the three of us :) 

17 - Go Running 

So... this will definitely be the end of the summer, but Ella & I really miss running together. As soon as I get the all clear from my doctor, we'll be back on the pavement together! 

18 -Turn 3! 

Ella's birthday is at the end of July & we've already started planning her birthday party! Many more details to follow on that! 

19 - Get Tacos

This one is all Ella, but I'm totally on board. We love to go to Moe's together :) 

20 - Become a Big Sister! 

This is the one we're most excited about in our house! Just last night Ella patted my stomach & said - "You can come out now." I guess we're all getting a little impatient :) 

What's on Your Summer Bucket List? 

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