Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bumpdate: 35 Weeks

size of the baby: Coconut

total weight gain:  24 lbs. 

gender: Baby Girl - Miss Olivia Rose 

movement: Tons & tons of movement, some of it painful. I think she's starting to run out of room in there. 

missing: Rompers. I know that seems like a ridiculous thing to be missing, but I love a good romper & it's just not possible to wear one while pregnant. I keep seeing them in stores & want to buy them so badly.... I'm especially loving this one & this one right now! 

craving: Sweets. My sweet tooth is just so out of hand right now & the end of the school year is not helping the situation. Yesterday was my last day of classes & we had parties all day long - donuts, cookie cake, brownies... I felt so sick by the time I got home. 

exercise: I'm back to normal on the exercise front & hitting my 10,000 steps daily. My doctor has cleared me to do whatever feels comfortable at this point & sometimes walking feels better than laying down - especially after I've just ate. 

symptoms: Like I said, Olivia's running out of room in there & my heartburn is pretty ridiculous. I have to take Tums before bed or I wake up in agony. 

best moments: 

  • I was super relieved at my doctor's appointment yesterday when my blood pressure was still normal. I'm not showing any other signs of pre-eclampsia either, so I'm starting to get hopeful that I'll make it to term without complications this time around. 
  • Ella went with me to my doctor's appointment yesterday & was absolutely mesmerized by Olivia's heart beat. 
  • My mom & I found Olivia's going home outfit at BabyGap over the weekend! Fingers crossed it fits her, since it took almost 2 months for Ella to be able to wear hers. #preemieprobs

looking forward to: 

  • I got the all clear to go to Hornell with Eric this weekend. It's about an hour & a half from the hospital, but my doctor said that as long as I'm sensible & come home at the first sign of labor, it'd be fine. This will give me the chance to see our friends that are here from out of town & I can sleep in knowing that my mother-in-law will have everything under control. 
  • It's officially finals at school & the kids are only here from 8 to 10, so I'm really looking forward to a week of laid back days & the official start of summer vacation next Thursday afternoon! 

And for comparison purposes, here's the bump at 28 weeks versus 35 weeks. Definitely growing! 

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