Monday, May 18, 2015

This Weekend We...

I have no idea how it is Monday morning already! Our weekend just flew by & I can't believe we packed this much fun into 48 short hours! This weekend we... 

  • Went on lots of walks - gotta get those steps in!  

  • Had our cousin over to play!

  • Went out to lunch with Grammy Mary & Grandpa Dan! 

  • Installed a new closet for Olivia. 

  • Played some "drums" on Mommy's bed. 

  • Made brownie sundaes. 

  • Took a trip to Target & Old Navy to stock up on the essentials and buy a baby gift for a sweet work friend. 
  • Had lunch at Sonic. 

  • Danced on the patio while we waited for our food. 

  • Ate ice cream. 

  • Laid in the sun & read a magazine. 
  • Grilled a healthy dinner. 
  • Cleaned our basement. 
Here's hoping that our week flies by just as fast as the weekend did! There's a three day holiday in sight people - we can do this! 

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