Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites

Let's just start by praising Jesus that today is Pajama Day at my middle school! There is no faster way to a pregnant lady's heart than a Pajama Day...

(insert picture here because I actually look really cute, but  sadly couldn't  get a decent picture on my own...)  

Other Favorites from This Week...

1 - Flamingos

I can't seem to get enough of flamingo print this year! I have bought quite a bit of it for Miss Ella & have been looking for a simple, more understated way to add it to my own wardrobe. When I came across this scarf, I knew it was perfect - except for the price. Luckily, Cassie found this one that I love & it's way more affordable!

splurge // save
2 - Cheering for a Cause 

Yesterday afternoon I took our Varsity cheerleaders to cheer for our district's Unified Basketball game. Unified Basketball is a league set up in our county to provide students with mental disabilities to participate in team sports. Watching these kids play was amazing. Their level of excitement & pride was just amazing. The girls were really inspired by it too & we're going to look into setting up a mentor cheer program to accompany our team next year! I just love it when I see kids getting involved in a great cause! 

3 - Athleta's Summer Line 

I went into Athleta last weekend to torture myself return something with my mom. I am so in love with their whole summer line & hoping there is still some great stuff up for grabs (and maybe even on sale) after I have the baby. For the rest of you, they're having free two day shipping today! So if you need any new gear or a new swimsuit, definitely take advantage!  

4 - More Torture at Madewell 

I tortured myself with a trip into my mall's brand new Madewell store last weekend too. I fell in love with this dress. It's on sale, so if anyone wants to send it to me for my birthday, I'd be totally ok with that... 

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