Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Second Trimester Workout

Many sweet, sweet co-workers, friends, and family members have commented recently about how well I'm carrying this pregnancy. Many didn't even know I was pregnant until I cam back to work from February Break, at which point I was 19 weeks along. I'd take their comments as compliments no matter the circumstances, but after my first pregnancy, I'm making a conscious effort to stay healthier this time around (read about that here), so I take their comments as a badge of pride at this point. It's kind of like a pat on the back for eating a banana instead of a banana split every time someone calls my bump "tiny" or "adorable." 

One major component of my success thus far has been the exercise that I'm getting in three to four times a week. It's definitely scaled back from what I used to do, but it's doing the trick - safely. I'm still able to do a lot of the Blogilates videos that I love, I just modify any exercises that are too much for me. I am also able to handle the elliptical most days & still love the spin bike - even though I can't take an entire class right now. Last, I wear my FitBit daily & am always striving to hit my step goal! 

Since a lot of people have asked, here's a sampling of a typical workout in my second trimester... 

While deciding on what my body could handle, I did a little research as well & found three resources worth sharing... 

  • Women's Health 2nd Trimester Workout Plan - has both strength & cardio workouts that are very manageable 
  • Another blogger who appears to be way more fit than I am had some great recommendations as well, but you'll likely need a gym membership to tackle them all. 
  • And this video from FitSugar has become one of my favorites! 

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