Saturday, February 28, 2015

5 Things I Did to Make It Feel Like Spring This Weekend...

This weather is seriously killing me. It physically pains me to put on my huge parka every day, but whenever I attempt to wear just a vest, I pay the price. It's just a fact of life in Upstate NY that winter is here to stay for at least another month... but that doesn't mean I can't pretend spring is on the way, and you can too!

I Painted My Nails.

Well, actually Friday night my sister offered to paint my nails using her at home gel kit. I totally took her up on the offer & am now sporting some lilac nails that remind me of spring every time I look down. The color came with her kit but looks exactly like Essie's Bangle Jangle. 

I Bought Some Peeps.

I know that you can get Peeps for every holiday now, but in my mind Peeps = Easter = Spring. Plus a 4 pack of these babies is actually only 110 calories & a perfect preggo indulgence. 

I Put Out Flowers.

I was at Trader Joe's Saturday morning & they had the most beautiful display of tulips. I just had to have some, plus some hydrangeas to fill out the arrangement. They make me happy every time I walk by dining room table. 

I Got My Car Washed.

I got my car washed on my way home from school Friday & it was so nice to have all of the salt off of it. I know it's going to get covered again because this snow isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but I drove a clean car this weekend & that made me feel better. 

I Put Out Our Easter Decorations. 

Nothing says spring like a house full of pastel Easter decorations! I pulled it all out, lit a peach scented candle, & turned the heat up to 70 - don't tell Eric! It was a nice little party as I decorated for the holiday. 

I absolutely love this picture of Ella being scarred for life by the Easter Bunny last year...


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