Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bumpdate: 15 Weeks

size of the baby: Navel Orange

total weight gain: 6.5 lbs. 

gender: Still waiting to find out... 

maternity clothes: It's dress down week at school, so I've been wearing jeans every day. Thankfully, I have several pairs of those that either still fit or can easily be worn with my belly band. All normal shirts to far...

I did sort through a huge bag of maternity clothes one of my friend's sent over & I have a ton of maxi dresses to wear as the weather gets warmer. Maxis were my favorite with Ella (actually maxis are always my favorite) so I have yet another reason to wish it would warm up & fast! 

movement: I definitely felt him/her move last Friday night! I was sitting on the bleachers at my basketball game & all of the sudden I could feel movement - like somersaults. I stayed really still & let it go on for about 3 minutes. I've felt the baby since, not every day, mostly when I'm very still later in the day. 

sleep: I've slept great 5 out of 7 nights this week. Ella slept in while she was sick, which meant I got to sleep in too. The other 2 nights, I just had the strangest dreams, causing me to toss & turn. I don't remember having crazy dreams with Ella, but it's been a constant in this pregnancy. 

missing: My flat stomach. I'm fully aware I'm growing a child & that makes me happier than you can imagine. But I worked really hard for the stomach that I had, and sometimes it's hard to face the fact that I have to take a huge step back in my fitness again. Looking on the bright side though, I came back stronger, faster, and healthier than ever after Ella - so hopefully the same will be true this time! 

craving: Nothing in particular... just hungry! 

symptoms: I. AM. STARVING. Like, all of the time starving. I keep telling myself that it's ok to eat, as long as I'm eating healthy foods. Still... the desire to go eat a 20 piece McNugget is there.

Ella is: on the mend. She was sick more than half of last week & this week has been a struggle for her. She's whiney & clingy - not her normal self at all. I'm hoping that once we're done with cheer season on Saturday & I can get her home earlier, things will get better. 

looking forward to: my parents coming this weekend & the end of cheer season... I love my girls, but I'm craving  a little more down time in our schedule. 

best moments: Winning at competition. Feeling the baby move. Eating... yes just eating in general.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lunch Time

One major overhaul I've made in my life this year is my takeout lunch habit. Leading up to 2015, I was eating takeout for lunch two to three times a week. A slice of pizza one day, Subway another. A wrap from the local deli, a taco salad from our fave Mexican joint. It was totally unhealthy - both physically & financially. But it was convenient & apparently I was letting convenience take precedence over my health. 

So going back to school three weeks ago, I made the goal to stay in the building on any day that I wasn't already out. If I didn't have to leave to attend a meeting, appointment, or a workshop - then I was staying put with a packed lunch - and it has made a huge difference. During my first week back, I only ate out once & that was on the day of my Ultrasound. The second week back, I only ate out once & that was with friends who were all attending a workshop with me. Last week, I was home while Ella was sick, and didn't do any eating out at all. 

Has it made a difference? Well, I obviously haven't lost weight. But I have controlled my weight gain far better than I did with my first pregnancy. I don't think that would be the case if I was eating take out more than twice as often as I am now. Financially, I can definitely say it's made a huge difference. I went from spending between $40 & $50 a week on take out (that includes bagels & drinks in the morning) to between $20 & $30. I might not sound like a lot, but it's definitely going to add up throughout the remainder of the school year. 

I will admit, that it helps that I have zero desire to venture out when it's 10 degrees & snowing outside (as it is today) and also that I am limited to one iced tea a day right now, which I purchase on my way in to work. 

Another thing that has really helped me is packing foods that I love for lunch! Some of my current favorites right now are... 

  • Taco Salads... I just love them. Especially if they come in a big, fried shell. When I pack my lunch though, I opt for a far healthier version with lettuce, chicken cooked in salsa, taco cheese, Trader Joe's Corn Salsa (my absolute favorite right now) and tortilla chips. Then instead of dressing, I use more salsa. It's delicious & filling! 

Corn Chile Salsa
Corn & Chile Salsa from Trader Joe's - Only $2.49!
  • Cottage Cheese... Seriously people, I can't get enough cottage cheese right now! We go through at least two tubs a week right now because Ella is loving it too. I think Eric thinks I'm nuts, but it has so much protein in it & is so filling. I take it to go with me every day in these Pampered Chef Prep Bowls. It's way cheaper to fill these myself than to buy the single serve ones from the grocery store. 
technically these are more than $10 for the set, but since you get six they come out to only $3 each!
  • Pirate's Booty - I love Cheetos, but I know even the smallest bag has more calories than I'd like. So when I discovered Pirate's Booty while working at day camp years ago, I was hooked! The bags that I buy are only 130 calories each, but totally filling! 

  • Easy Mac... ok so this is totally not a health food. But I love it anyway. #guiltypleasure Some days I just like to eat something warm & gooey. These cups fit the bill & are one of my go-to comfort foods. I also love that I can keep them in my classroom cupboard, so if I'm in a pinch for lunch, I can reach for one of those instead of hitting the drive thru. 
Ok, so after typing that, I realize how random those items are & I should probably put it out there that I do NOT eat them all at once. I may be pregnant, but I'm not pickles & peanut butter pregnant! I'll try to document a few of my full lunches this week so that you can all see that I really do make some sense every once in awhile... 

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Catch Up

I have been playing catch up since I walked into my classroom at 7 a.m. this morning. I ended up having to leave work on Wednesday when Ella suddenly spiked a fever of 103.5 & I never was able to get back to my classroom last week. I did what needed to be done from home, but for the most part I snuggled my girl & got her to her doctor's appointments. So today, I'm knee deep in grading that has to be done because the marking period ends on Thursday & up to my ears in IEPs that just won't write themselves. 

On the bright side, Miss Ella is 100% healthy again & this is my last week of cheerleading! My team went to competition on Saturday & brought home a first place trophy, so this weekend is all about maintaining our perfect record for the season! I'll be back in action tomorrow - or maybe Wednesday - but in the meantime, this is what we've been up to.... 

doctor's appointment #2 last week, all smiles but hot as can be...

showing off her bandaid after bloodwork...

this is Ella's plate, but I could eat scrambled eggs & ham all day every day...

I spent all day Saturday at competition with these girls, while Eric held down the fort with Miss Ella.
Sunday morning prep for the rest of the week... 

Ella was feeling better, so we had a gourmet meal at Applebee's on Sunday...

hanging out in Ella's pillow fort last night!
Saturday, January 24, 2015

Popcorn & Pillow Forts

Before we get started, you should know that today’s post is sponsored by Pop Secret, but my love for their popcorn is all my own!

Is anyone else getting sick of being cooped up inside? We would kill for even 40 degrees here in Rochester, because when it feels like 7, I certainly don't have a ton of motivation to leave the house. And due to my lack of motivation, we've been spending a lot more time at home than normal. Ella is typically content to play with her toys, read her books, and watch her shows... but by Sunday evening we were really starting to run out of steam. Thus... I decided we needed to... 

create a magical pillow fort! 

I asked Ella if she wanted to build one & despite having no idea what I was talking about, she was totally on board. I think she trusts me, but the real selling point was when I told her that every magical pillow fort needs popcorn

We started out simple, just laying a few blankets down & creating some walls with pillows. Ella loved it & I was thinking, "oh that was easy!" Then, Eric showed up & scoffed as my simple fort. Thus... this happened. 

Charlie is sniffing out the popcorn trail... 
He is apparently "an expert fort builder" and totally took over. I will admit, it was probably slightly more magical, but Ella didn't really care because she was just totally absorbed with her popcorn & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse... 

I think my whole family would agree that Pop Secret is your perfect snack companion on trips into the uncharted reaches of your imagination. Pop Secret knows that fun, like popcorn, is better when it’s shared. Send Pop Secret your pillow fort stories and pictures on Facebook. You can upload them right to the Pop Secret timeline and tag them with #PopSecretForts. Who knows... they might just share a little something back! Oh... and there's an awesome $1 off coupon that you can find on their Facebook page too! So get poppin'! 
Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bumpdate: 14 Weeks

oh hey there baby bump, thanks for joining us... 

size of the baby: Lemon - which confuses me because I think peaches are bigger than lemons, but I'm just going with what the internet baby fruit experts say... 

total weight gain: 5.5 lbs. 

gender: I really think it's a boy, but we're still waiting for scientific proof. 

maternity clothes: Stuff from my last pregnancy is definitely still too big, but my new J.Crew Pixie Pants are ah-mazing! I will be wearing them all of the time without complaint. I have another pair of olive colored khakis from J.Crew too & will be testing those out soon. I can still wear my normal jeans & plan to carry that out as long as possible. Maybe by then my old maternity jeans will fit & I won't have to buy anything. 

movement: Still nothing definitive... 

sleep: Ella has been a nightmare this past week & has been up at 3 am on multiple occasions. She wants nothing to do with her dad in the middle of the night, so my sleep has been great from 9 to 3, then rough from there on out. 

missing: Nothing really. I'm drinking a little caffeine per day now & my iced tea was all that I really missed. For the most part, I'm kind of just doing my normal & am perfectly satisfied. 

craving: Ice cream. I want a huge bowl every night. I'm keeping it in check by watching my portions, but all this baby wants is hot fudge right now. 

symptoms: I had French fries on Monday & my heartburn was bad. I definitely need to remember to stay away from fried foods or I'll be paying the price! 

Ella is: a little more naughty than usual. I don't think it's connected to the baby at all, she's just 2 1/2... 

looking forward to: Ella sleeping over at her Grammy Nancy's this weekend so I can get some uninterrupted sleep! 

best moments: Shopping with my mother-in-law & Ella on Monday. I had a great time perusing the sale sections with her, and also oohing & ahhhing over all of the baby clothes. It's probably a good thing I don't know what I'm having yet, because it keeps me from shopping! 
Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday from My Instagram

I suddenly realized that I haven't shared any outfit pictures since I returned from the holiday break! Just to reassure you all, I am still getting dressed in the morning & sometimes I even take pictures of what I'm wearing. I'm simply more apt to post them to my Instagram before you see them here! 

When I returned to school, I was still in that bloaty, I feel like a whale phase of the first trimester. I was still wearing my normal clothes, but leggings were just way more comfortable. Thus, I took every opportunity to wear them. On my first day back, I wore my favorite leggings with a simple tunic & the Kendra Scott necklace that Eric got me for Christmas. Super comfy... which is basically my life motto these days. 
leggings - Anthropologie // tunic - // boots - Steve Madden // necklace - Kendra Scott
This next outfit, is what I wore the day of my last doctor's appointment. Again, I love leggings. What I also love is this huge, cozy sweater that my mother-in-law got me for Christmas. It's from GapBody & is meant to be lounged in, but I love to wear it out as an extra cozy layer too. 
leggings - Cozy Orange // boots - MIA // tshirt - Gap Maternity // sweater - Gap
necklace - Nordstrom // bracelets - Alex & Ani 
Next to an outfit that actually has buttons & a zipper! I pulled out my blue & gold for a game day. I love button down shirts & especially love that I layered this one over top of my Max Heat shirt from Gap. As Ella would say, I was "toasty, toasty." 

gingham shirt - J.Crew Factory // long sleeved shirt - Gap // boots - MIA // pants - Banana Republic
necklace - Kendra Scott // bracelets - Alex & Ani 
After practice on Saturday we we went to lunch with my in-laws & I decided to put jeans on! For the record, Saturday was my 14 week mark & these bad boys still buttoned! It was warmer than it'd been all week, but I still layered up with a plaid flannel underneath a loose knit sweater.
jeans - J.Crew (non-maternity) // moccasins - Ugg // plaid shirt - Old Navy
sweater - LOFT // necklace - LOFT
And yesterday, I wore my first pair of maternity pants this pregnancy. I swear, I put them on & it was like the bump looked 3 times bigger! I ordered these J.Crew Maternity Pixie pants when their sale was an extra 40% off & am in love. They're just as comfy as leggings, but look a little more refined. They're definitely going to be a pregnancy staple. And last, let's talk about my new favorite shoes. I scored these slip on sneakers from Old Navy for $7.89 on Monday & just love the pop of color they added to my outfit. Expect to see me rocking them all spring long... 
sweater - LOFT // pants - J.Crew Maternity Pixie Pant // sneakers - Old Navy 

Side note: It has been COLD here in Rochester. If you see me in flats, I wore boots to school & then changed into them. I am way smarter than I used to be as a teenager. If I'm in boots, I have two pairs of socks layered underneath to keep me warm. I really need spring to come... 

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend Recap - Extended Edition

I just want to start this post off by personally thanking Martin Luther King Jr. for being the amazing man that he was & earning us all a day off from school... because OMG I needed it! I even did the unthinkable & didn't practice yesterday either. #gasp But let's back this train up to Saturday, because we have a lot of fun to cover from this weekend. 


Ella got the party started at 3 a.m. I wish I was kidding, but despite my attempts to put her back to bed, she was not having it. Thus, I put a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD on & did my best to sleep through the Hot Dog Dance. Around 6, I gave up. Ella & I headed downstairs for some eggs and got our day started. 

Since I had cheer tumbling at 9, I was able to shoot over to the weight room at school & get some cardio in before we got started. It was exactly what I needed. Thirty minutes of solitude, just me & my headphones. I'm only running intervals at this point, mainly because my endurance took a huge hit over the holidays & I haven't built it back up yet. Either way, getting moving makes me feel so much better than sitting on the couch. 

Once tumbling was over, I headed back home to meet Eric's dad & step-mom for a lunch date. We went to Shamrock Jack's, which is one of my new favorite local restaurants. It has beer-battered cheese curd - which is my definition of heaven. Truly, I love fried mozzarella & I love curd - this just takes it to a whole new level. I was a good girl & didn't eat the whole plate myself, then ordered a Buffalo Chicken Salad for my entree. It totally hit the spot too. I know I've been craving steak, but ever since I ate that, all I've wanted to do is go back & order another one. 

We followed up our lunch with  a trip to Wegmans. Ella asked Eric to get the truck cart, which I was skeptical would happen on a busy Saturday afternoon, but he agreed to try. When he came back, he didn't have our normal truck cart, the kind that you're daughter sits up & can see you & is the same size as a normal cart. Nope... he brought back a monstrosity. 

Ella was not a fan. She kept summoning me to the front of the cart to make sure that I was still there. I was not a fan because I kept running into things. It's the equivalent of going from a mini-van to a semi. But it kept things interesting... 

The rest of our night was spent building with blocks, reading books, and snuggling. Perfection. 


Ella let me stay in bed until 6:45 on Sunday morning and then when we came downstairs she completely entertained herself while I made breakfast. She then asked to eat her own breakfast in the living room, so I took the opportunity to do this... 

Alas, it was short-lived because Eric woke up & just had to upset the applecart by changing the channel to ESPN. Ella is obsessed with "her shows" right now, even though she isn't even watching them half the time, she just wants them on. Her & Eric immediately went into a power struggle over the remote that lasted until I took her upstairs with me while I got ready for the day & let her watch Sofia in my room. 

Once I got the two of us ready, we ventured out for a trip to Barnes & Noble, Target, and of course Starbucks. (When you're only allowed one iced tea a day, you make it count people!) We didn't have any plans & I wanted to get Ella out of the house for awhile because, like I said, she's a little too attached to the the t.v. right now. 

We stayed longer than I'd planned at the bookstore, but she was just having the best time! 

Once we finished our errands, we came home & had some lunch with daddy, which was promptly followed by a nap for Miss Ella. While she napped, I got busy on dinner preparations... 

I finally got to test out my Dutch oven & made some macaroni and cheese with cauliflower & broccoli - one of my winter favorites. I have been craving steak like crazy for over a week too, so Eric finally just made me one to go along with our mac & cheese. Such a delicious dinner! 


My other mother-in-law, Grammy Nancy, joined us for our MLK Day outing! Eric's step-dad works in Rochester, so she just rode up with him in the morning & stayed with Ella and I for the day. 

We started our day off with a quick trip to the craft store and Wegmans. We got the good truck cart this time... thank the Lord. I was able to sip on a hot chocolate while Grammy pushed Ella around. Probably the most relaxed grocery trip I've taken in a long time... 

Next, we met up with Eric for lunch at one of my favorite diners. It was absolutely packed. I couldn't believe it. Luckily, we were seated relatively quickly & the food was ah-mazing as always. Seriously, I would love to be Guy Fiete because diners are my love language. 

After lunch, we headed over to the mall to do some clearance shopping. I ended up scoring a ton of deals on summer clothes for Ella at Crazy 8 & am so pumped about it. Too bad she'll be waiting a solid three to four months to wear them, but at less than $2.99 an item, I couldn't pass it up. 

Our last adventure was a trip to get fro-yo because Grammy Nancy had never had it! I got peanut butter with hot fudge & crushed up Reese's cups. Ella had vanilla with M&Ms. Nancy got vanilla with hot fudge, raspberries, and a bunch of other stuff that I didn't catch. The important part is she loved it & we will definitely be going again. 

And today... I'm back to work! Happy Tuesday! Let's hope this short week flies by! 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites - A Very Random Edition

This week has flown by & the fact that I have a three day weekend with no competitions has me on cloud nine this morning. I'm officially in my second trimester as of tomorrow & really feeling great. Like I mentioned last week, I've been wearing my FitBit daily & tracking my steps. This week I stepped things up (get it?) and set up a FitBit challenge against my mom & sister. You all know how competitive I am, so I doubt anyone will be surprised that I'm totally going to win this thing! Here are the standings as of 9 a.m....

You should know that my mom (Annette) does her treadmill workout in the morning, while I walk the halls during my lunch break. She's usually in the lead when I get to school, but I start to pass her around 9 a.m. I'm confident I can hold her off! 

And since I've been doing so much walking, and totally nailed my goal of gaining only between 3 & 5 pounds my first trimester, I decided to treat myself to a little present. I ordered myself these beauties from Anthropologie & can't wait for them to arrive next week. They're currently on backorder in most sizes & colors, but I think they're a great price for such a cute pair of sneakers! 

Since we don't compete this weekend, our practices have been a little more laid back. Yesterday, I let Ella haul out a bunch of the elementary PE equipment & make an obstacle course. OMG, she had a field day. The girls had her zig-zagging on the scooter, practicing her colors with the gator balls, and then had a Frozen dance party with her. Ella was in heaven.... 

Back to shopping for just a minute... I have fallen in love with Athleta today & just got an email that everything is 20% off! This is rare. So if you have your eye on something, be sure to indulge. Personally, I love these glitter striped yoga pants & (even though I'll never be able to afford it even at 20% off) this sweater. My (very stylish) mom is addicted to their City Pants as well, so if you love the jogger look, definitely check those out! 

My last favorite is my husband. He brought me home my favorite Half Baked Fro-Yo last night, along with a bunch of other stuff that he thought I might enjoy packing in my lunch. He's a keeper :) 

Happy Friday! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bumpdate: 13 Weeks

keeping it real in my standard home attire... I took this is at night so you can see a slight bump popping out

size of the baby: Peach 

total weight gain: 5 lbs. 

gender: Still to be determined, but one of my best friend's sister is an ultrasound technician at the hospital right by my house & she may let us sneak a peak earlier than my doctor will let me. If not, we'll be waiting until February 20th to get the news! 

maternity clothes: This is my major victory of the week. Still no maternity clothes! I tried on a pair of my maternity jeans from last pregnancy & they're definitely too big still. My options may be limited, but I'm going to hold out as long as I can! By the end of the day, my belly is considerably bigger than it was in the morning & I'm quite sure it's only a matter of time until I really pop. 

movement: I know that it's common to feel the baby move earlier with your second baby, and my doctor told me I may start feeling him or her soon. I've definitely felt flutters, but nothing that has made me think - oh that was the baby! 

sleep: I'm sleeping as well as can be expected with a toddler in the house! I can usually sneak into bed by 9 & get in a solid 8 to 9 hours. I'm hoping that with the start of my second trimester will bring my energy back to me.

missing: My black side zipper skinnies - I came up with 3 different outfits they would've been perfect with this week. 

craving: Steak. I'm hoping I'll get one this weekend when Eric's parents visit. 

symptoms: Nothing out of the ordinary this week. 

Ella is: slowly catching on. She now knows that the baby is in my belly & will occasionally agree to say hi :)

looking forward to: A quiet weekend at home & a nice dinner out with Eric's parents. 

best moments: Still wearing my normal pants & knowing that I'm officially through my first trimester! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What I'm Doing Differently This Pregnancy...

Now that you all know I'm pregnant, I thought I'd share with you what I'm doing differently this time around, which to be honest, is a lot. I learned a lot of things the hard way in my first pregnancy & even though it all turned out fine in the end, I'd rather not head down that scary road again. (I had pre-eclampsia with Ella, which wasn't specifically linked to my weight gain, but it certainly didn't help.) 

Not 36 weeks... only 27 in this pic

Let's start with the weight gain & just get it out of the way. I gained 65 pounds with Ella. Was some of that water weight? Yes. I was totally swollen by the time I was induced. However, a lot of that was my own doing too. I was one of those people who took pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. McDonald's Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bagel Sandwich chased down by a Cinni-Mini? Heck yes. A dozen chicken wings with a side of fries? Of course. Pint of Ben & Jerry's? No questions asked. I ate it all. 

at Serendipity in Vegas at 10 weeks with Ella - I ate the whole thing by myself

This time around. I'm exercising a little self control. I've had exactly two bagel sandwiches since I found out eight weeks ago. I've had zero cinni-minis & no more ice cream than I would normally eat. I'm tracking my calories on My Fitness Pal, which is set to gain a healthy 1/2 pound per week right now. Some days I stay within those calories, others I don't. What matters is that I'm aware of what I'm putting into my body every day - which is resulting in far more healthy choices than splurges. So far, I've gained about 5 pounds - which actually puts me right at my starting weight from when I got pregnant with Ella.   

The number on the scale really isn't that big of a deal to me, but the way that I feel is. I was MISERABLE for my entire first trimester with Ella. Looking back, that was probably because I was eating foods that make me feel like crap when I'm not pregnant. (I mean, I love McDonald's every once in a while, but I never feel good after eating it.) This time, I've felt good 90% of the time. Less nausea, less fatigue - just overall more normal. 

My Fitness Pal is also tracking my sodium intake. Pre-eclampsia is linked to high blood pressure, and while limiting my salt intake can't necessarily prevent it from happening again, my doctor agreed that it wouldn't hurt to be conscious of it. Again, I don't freak out when I go over my daily allotted sodium, but I'm more aware of what I'm putting into my body. 

And then there's exercise. I would love to tell you that I'm running every day, but I'm not. There simply isn't time in my schedule & there won't be until February 1st. So, I'm wearing my FitBit every day & tracking my daily steps. Without an extra workout, I rarely hit 10,000. Most days I fall somewhere between 5,000 and 7,500. As the weather warms up, I plan to increase this target, but again, at least I'm aware of how active (or inactive) I am every day. 

So I guess if I had to sum up this pregnancy in one work - it'd be awareness. Last time around, I threw caution to the wind, causing myself a lot of extra work once Ella arrived. Hopefully this time around I'll be ahead of the game & back in my skinny jeans in no time! 
Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Recap: Competition Time!

It is still absolutely freezing her in Rochester! I've been wearing two pairs of socks at a time for a week now. That's said, life doesn't stop when it's cold so even though I wanted to be at home with a fuzzy blanket, we had a fairly busy weekend. 

Friday night I had a game & since Ella was going to spend all day at competition on Saturday, I asked my sister to pick her up from daycare & take her home to play instead of bringing her along with me. Apparently Ella had a grand time. She convinced my sister to buy her a Frozen coloring book & feed her her favorite Macaroni & Cheese from Wegmans for dinner. She was a pretty happy kid when I got home. 

Since Ella was busy hanging with her Aunt Britt & my game didn't start until 5:30, I was able to get in some time on the treadmill. I simply walked on an incline for 30 minutes but it felt good to be active & get my heart rate up for a bit. 

I was up bright & early on Saturday morning since I had to be at the school by 7 a.m. for the bus to competition. It was a long day, but all three teams took first place in their division! And the big news is that my team took Grand Champs for the morning division! That means they beat every other modified, freshman, and JV team at the tournament. So insanely proud of them! 

My Grand Champions!
My mom, sister, Ella, and Babs all came along to support my team. I just love that they were willing to give up their Saturday for me. We've been joking & calling this my "farewell tour" so it was nice to have them there to see me win big. 

Ella & I with our babysitter's daughter - Julia - who is on my team!
I really wanted to go out for steak, but we were all exhausted by 6 p.m. when I got home & decided it'd be better if we just ordered in. We ate dinner at my sister's house while the boys watched football. Then, my parents asked if they could keep Ella overnight with them at Britt's house. #hallelujah Best night's sleep I've gotten in weeks! 

I slept until 7:30, put some laundry in, then Eric & I headed over to meet everyone back at my sister's. I literally wrestled Ella into clothes, then we headed out to our new favorite diner for breakfast! 

My parents left after breakfast - boo - but, my sister & I decided to cheer ourselves up with a trip to Trader Joe's & TJ Maxx. I got some super yummy stuff for dinners this week & then found a really cute note pad & hand towels for the kitchen. Then, we topped off our perfect Sunday morning with a stop at Starbucks. 

Ella found this magnifying glass at TJ Maxx & thought it was the coolest thing ever! 

We got home & I put this little stinker down for a desperately needed nap...

When I got home, I did more laundry (it's finally all caught up for the first time since Christmas) and fed Ella some lunch. Eric & I weren't hungry until about halftime of the Packers/Cowboys game, which is when he made skillet wings! The house stunk from frying them but OMG they were good! 

Once Eric was done in the kitchen, I got in there & made a huge pot of my favorite Chicken Noodle Soup for the week.
the ingredients for my super simple favorite Chicken Noodle
 I've been doing really well packing my lunch since I got back from Christmas break, and one reason I've been doing good is the soup I've started making on Sunday. I'm already looking forward to eating mine & it's only 8:30 as I type this... #preggoproblems 

Happy Monday! 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone! Tomorrow is our first competition of the season, so it's going to be a busy weekend for me. My parents are coming into town to help out though & that always makes me happy - because they're my favorite & because it means I will get to go out to breakfast on Sunday :) 

Apart from the chaos of competition prep & my scary doctor's appointment on Tuesday - this week has been relatively calm. I'd planned all of our meals ahead of time & even went so far as to post them on the fridge. Eric thought I'd lost it, but OMG it has made our lives so much better. We've had something homecooked - not even frozen - every night this week. And I've packed my lunch every day this week too. If you're wondering what this has to do with Friday Favorites, well it's because these bowls from Pampered Chef are my favorite. I use them every day to take cottage cheese, veggie dip, peanut butter, etc. in my lunch. What I love about them is that they are 1 cup & have markings for 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, and 3/4 cup so I'm totally aware of my portions! 

My next favorite is my FitBit! I got a FitBit Flex from my mother-in-law for Christmas & I wasn't really sure if I'd love it or not. I had my concerns about wearing it on my wrist & if it'd really be useful. Umm... it's awesome. I love that it syncs automatically to my iPhone & then updates My Fitness Pal with my exercise calories each day. If we're being honest, I'm not hitting 10,000 steps every day, but I'm finding ways to get more in all of the time. If you're looking for a way to hold yourself accountable, I definitely recommend this

And my last favorite of the week... getting ready for Valentine's Day! Having a little girl on Valentine's Day is about as fun as it gets. I'm fully stocked up on all things red, pink, and hearts. She is going to look adorable! Here are a few of the items I've purchased for Ella... 

And then there is this shirt... 

It is technically a boys shirt, but I've decided that Ella is going to wear it anyways. She is totally a love machine & paired with black leggings & a headband, she'll totally rock it. 

Have a Great Weekend Everyone! 
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