Friday, November 29, 2013

What's Your Elf Name?

If you're like me, you were up & at 'em at the crack of dawn, shopping your little heart out. I love Black Friday. There is not a drop of sarcasm in that statement either. I spend the day with three of my favorite people, doing what I love - shopping! 

My Aunt Babs & I use today as our official Christmas Kick-Off, so from the second she sets foot in the car, we're singing Christmas Carols & making plans to bake cookies. We're both huge Elf fans, so when I saw this chart, I just had to bring it along... 

Meet Nipper McJingles & Perky Sugar-Socks... my shopping companions for the day :) 

Figure out your Elf Name & leave it in the comments section! 

Let the Holidays Begin! 
Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Give Thanks.

Over the weekend, my husband's cousin went missing. He was 19 years old, I'd known him since he was 9. He was a great kid. One I'd been enjoying getting to know better over the past few years as the age difference started to become less significant. I was looking forward to seeing him & his girlfriend on Thanksgiving...

You might notice I'm using the past tense. Tyler was found dead in a construction site on Sunday afternoon. He left a party near campus & never made it back to his dorm. The police haven't provided the final cause of death yet, but they believe that he froze to death. The mere thought of freezing to death brings me to tears. I can't imagine... 

Even more so, I can't imagine losing my child. He was an only child. One that was the center of his mom's world, but also loved dearly by his aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins. The void that will be left by his absence is palpable. 

What's more, I hate knowing that Eric's family will forever associate Thanksgiving with this tragic event. It's a time of year that they have always embraced whole heartedly. They're such giving people - always at Mass or helping others in their time of need. I hate that this will be tainted for them. 

I won't be around here for the next few days. I'm on my way to be with family. Those who matter most. So while I'd originally planned to recap my recent shopping trip and Black Friday missions.... that's all going on the back burner. 

Please, take a moment... 
Cherish your family. Even if they drive you crazy, you still have them. 
Give thanks. 
Monday, November 25, 2013

Deck the Halls with Garland

One of my favorite features of my new house is the mantle. I never really prioritized a fireplace during our house hunt, but now that we have one, I can't imagine not. There is so much to do with it all year long! Take for instance this beauty... 

For Christmas, I'm decking our mantle out with stockings, garland, and an assortment of decorations on top. Unfortunately, Eric won't budge on his electronics, so it won't be as glamorous as my inspiration above, but it's still going to be awesome. I'll be sure to share pictures soon! 

I really believe that a key component to a gorgeous mantle is garland. My mom has gorgeous greenery that she attaches bulbs & light to. My mother in law has a snowman scene that sets atop of hers. I'm not totally sure what my style will be like, but here are a few of my favorite garland finds from Etsy! 

purchase here

purchase here

purchase here 

Or you could always go with fresh... can't beat that smell! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend

Hey Everyone! Let the weekend begin! I have to get through 5 more hours & then I'll be on the road to my parents' house in Albany. Yay! I am so excited for this trip! We're going to drive into Jersey tomorrow & do some serious holiday shopping. You may be thinking, "You go shopping every weekend Bri, why is this so special?" Well I'll explain it to you with one word - NORDSTROM! That's right, we don't have one anywhere near us. I only get to go a few times a year & this weekend is it! I plan to shop until I drop & then pawn my daughter off on my parents so that I can get a good night's sleep. 

Other reasons I'm excited... 
  • I plan to drink out of a red cup all weekend long. If it isn't red, I expect it to at least have a festive design on it. Anything less will not suffice... 
  • My XM radio will be blasting holiday music the whole way to Albany. I'm sure my sister is going to love it. If you want to join in on the fun,  it's Channel 17. 
  • My mom has a few surprises for Ella. She won't tell me what they are, but my mom has awesome taste & let's get real here - presents for Ella are really presents for me at this point. 
  • My parents' house is decorated for Christmas! I got a start on our house last night, but I promise you it will not compare to my mom's decorating. She goes all out at both houses & I love it. 
  • We're making a pit stop at IKEA at check out a kid's play kitchen that I might get Ella for Christmas. She's getting so big & I can't wait to watch her open all of her presents this year! Last year she kind of just ate tissue paper, this year I know she'll get into it. 
Ok... I guess I'm just really excited to get into the holiday spirit! I hope you all get into the spirit too. Here's a little Buble to help it along... 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What I've Been Wearing...

As anticipated, this week is just complete chaos. The first two days of tryouts have been brutal & tonight is cuts... I had a donut for breakfast... that's where I'm at right now. #notproudofmyself #itiswhatitis 

I've still been managing to get dressed though, so I thought I'd stop by & dump a few of my outfits from the past week. Enjoy! 
skinnies - Cheap Monday via Piperlime // boots - Steve Madden // blouse - Kiki La Rue 

jeans - J.Crew // wedges - Target // sweater - Gap 
shoes - Gap // khakis - Gap // shirt - Gap 

skinnies - Old Navy // cardigan - Old Navy // wedges - Target // tshirt - Gap 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Bunny Slippers

Hold onto your hats people, because today's post is going to be just as random as the title... 

Bunny Slippers

This is what happens when Daddy gets her dressed... 

chillin' on the floor together after my run on Friday night... 

Ella is absolutely obsessed with these bunny slippers. She got them for her birthday, but they were too big then. They've been sitting in her toy chest & she just randomly brought them out to my mother in law on Friday. She's been wearing them ever since... 

Family Walks

a little chilly but so sunny on our walk Saturday

It was a really nice day on Saturday, so we were all able to get outside. We did a family 5K & then raked leaves in the yard for a few hours. Ella just loved being outside & ran around the yard chasing Charlie. It's going to stink to be stuck inside for the next few months... 

Date Night 

My sister watched Ella while Eric & I went on a date Saturday night. We really enjoy going to local restaurants & have been meaning to try TRATA for awhile. I loved the atmosphere. The food was just ok - a little pricey. I'd go again with friends, but we'll probably opt for one of our favorite places next time we go out by ourselves. After dinner, we walked over to Alex & Ani so that I could show Eric a few bracelets I've been eyeing. 36 Days til Christmas! 

Christmas Trees

two things I love - my SUV & Christmas trees! 

The end to our date night was a trip to Target. (I know, we're romantic like that.) I'd been earlier in the day & spotted a Christmas tree that I wanted to show Eric. We went, he liked it, and it was on sale! Fate! Thus, we finally got to use my fold down seats & take our tree home! It's currently sitting in our living room, begging me to put it up, but the hubs won't allow it until Thanksgiving is over. Since I'll be gone next weekend, he'll probably get his way on this one. 

Trader Joe's

Ok, I know that bloggers love Trader Joe's. I'm sure you've all heard about it, but I'd honestly never been - even though we've had one in Rochester for over a year. That all changed on Sunday when I ventured out with my sister for some shopping. I ended up buying a few things to try. For instance, cookie butter - which I hear is the shit. I also got this awesome cinnamon & sugar grinder that I'm anticipating will take my applesauce to a whole new level. Oh, and quesadillas, guacamole hummus, blueberries, mango peach juice, and some chocolate. I will definitely go back soon. 

Mac & Cheese

Eric and I decided to make the mac & cheese to end all mac & cheeses this weekend. We created Buffalo Macaroni & Trees. This delicious concoction is mac & cheese with homemade buffalo bites in it, plus cauliflower & broccoli. OMG it was so good. I have a heaping bowl of leftovers awaiting my return at home... 

Speaking of my return to home... I may never get there. Today begins winter cheer season, which means that my days are marathons. I leave in the dark & return in the dark. Today is even worse than normal because for some bizarre reason I decided to help out one of my summer tutoring kids for a few hours each week. (Ok, the reasons aren't that bizarre - I like him & we can always use a little extra spending money.) So today, I left the house with 6 bags & 2 iced teas. I'm fitting my workout in on my lunch break. But, I'm using the term workout loosely because it's basically going to be 30 minutes of power walking in the hallways. Better than nothing... 

Happy Monday! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Styling My Sister's Engagement Shoot!

Two weekends ago, I had the opportunity to put on my Maid of Honor hat & play stylist for my sister's engagement photos! I was so beyond excited for the opportunity, mainly because I wish that Pinterest had existed when I was prepping for my nuptials. After meeting with the fabulous Tammy Swales, we decided on a few basic concepts for the photos. The first involved the woods, the second involved their pup, and the third involved the bar that they met in. Life likes to throw curveballs though, so we ended up scratching the bar & finding another location... which  turned out to be amazing. 

Concept 1: Park Ave with Fall Colors & Their Pup

Britt & Matt met at an Irish pub on a popular street in our city, Park Ave. The street is host of many of their favorite places & Britt's favorite festival of the year. (We're big on festivals in Rochester.) So, we decided that we'd do a shoot of them walking on the street, and then also a few shots of them with Barkley in one of the small parks nearby. 

Britt really wanted fall colors for this one, so she borrowed my favorite Banana Republic blouse and paired it with my J.Crew scarf. Matt got a great deal on his sweater from Banana too... Barkley is wearing a doggie vest for L.L. Bean. He told me that it was very warm, but he wishes that it'd had a spot for his leash so he didn't have to wear his collar underneath it. 

Concept 2: Woods with Fur 

When Britt & I met with Tammy, she showed up a gorgeous photo from another shoot that she had done this time last year. We both swooned & knew that we wanted some pictures done there. The woods is literally less than 5 minutes from where I lived for two years, yet I had no idea it even existed! 

As far as her outfit goes, I was dead set on my sister wearing faux fur for these shots. I sent her a few inspiration photos from Pinterest & sold her on the idea. Finding fur was a real challenge at the time, but of course now I'm seeing it everywhere! I really love how her white fur vest looks in these photos & am so glad that I talked her into it! 

Concept 3: 490 at Sunset

Britt & Matt both work with cars all day long. Thus, we decided to incorporate that into their photos in a unique way. Tammy found an overpass just as the sun was beginning to set. It was magic. 

Britt wore a dress she found on clearance at American Eagle, with a rust colored cardigan from Gap. She had to put her tights on in the car with numb fingers from the cold - which was a comical sight, but she pulled it off :) Matt is wearing a button down with J.Crew that I found for 40% off too. I just love how they're outfits compliment one another without being all matchy - matchy. 

I just cannot tell you how much I loved working with Tammy. And can we just take a second to acknowledge how gorgeous my sister is? Love her. These aren't even my photos & I want to wall paper my house in them. Her wedding is going to be ridiculous. We heart #teamswales

Thursday, November 14, 2013


You know the saying... 

Well that's pretty much the story of my life. I live & die by it, not necessarily on purpose, just because it's proven to be pretty accurate. I've had the past 3 weeks off from cheerleading and a coworker commented to me yesterday saying that I seemed so much happier. She's right - I kind of am. I'm sure that she's assuming that it's because I don't have to deal with 25 middle school girls every afternoon, but truly that doesn't bother me. The reason I'm happier is because I'm taking the time I need to plan ahead of time. 

For instance, this morning I left my house with 4 bags... 

  • Bag #1: Breakfast & Lunch - I rarely take the time to pack my lunch during season, let alone pack my breakfast. Thus, I end up driving through & eating crap - bagels, pizza, chicken sandwiches... you get the picture. I don't eat a ton of it at once, so I maintain my calories, but it definitely isn't fueling my body the way real food does. 
  • Bag #2: Gym Clothes - I don't have as much time to work out during season. I get my runs in on the weekends & then use my Blogilates app to keep up with things at home during the week. I would much rather be at the gym 3 to 4 nights a week, which is what I'm doing right now. It gives me so much energy & I've actually been making it to 10 pm. 
  • Bag #3: School Work - I'm not in a rush every morning to get to school because I'm prepped ahead of time. During season I have to leave school at 3 to pick up Ella & get to practice. Now, I leave between 3:30 & 3:45 and it makes all the difference. My papers have been graded & I'm actually planned up until Christmas for my classes. They'll obviously have to be tweaked, but I like to think I'm laying the ground work for an easier holiday season. 
  • Bag #4: My Purse - Full of all of it's normal ridiculousness.
I've been planning my outfits out the night before too, which really has been speeding up our mornings. I can throw Ella's clothes on in no time, but I've been known to change mine 3 to 4 times before I'm satisfied, which puts us way behind schedule! So my new routine is to check the weather, envision an outfit, try said outfit on, and then lay it out to grab the next morning. I swear it's shaving 10 minutes off of my morning! 

I'm planning to carry these changes over into the season. (I can't believe it already starts up again on Monday!) I know that if I keep up outfit planning, I'll still have time to pack all of my meals for the day - which has lost me 5 significant pounds at this point! I also know that I'll be able to work out more often during the winter season because many of my games don't start until 5:15. I'm confident that I can set myself up for success & keep the less frazzled version of myself at bay. 

What do you do to plan ahead? Any tricks of the trade? 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Holiday Valley Beer & Wine Festival

This weekend Eric & I took a road trip with my sister & her fiancé to Ellicottville, NY, home of Holiday Valley Ski Resort. We were there to attend their annual beer & wine festival. Let's just say the boys were a little bit excited... 

After a killer workout with my sister on Saturday morning (which I'm still feeling today...) we got packed & headed out. Holiday Valley is about 2 hours from Rochester, so it was a relatively quick ride. The town itself is adorable, but we didn't have time to explore it this weekend. I'd love to go back in the summer to do some hiking & enjoy the pools. 

We stayed at the Tamarack Club, right next to where the festival was being held. Our room was gorgeous with a full kitchen, fireplace, & deck! The boys loved that it had a full size fridge for beers & I think it'd be perfect for a long weekend with Ella because we wouldn't have to dine out every meal. 
on the balcony with Eric
Once we got dressed & took in our gorgeous view, we headed to John Harvard's Brewhouse to get a base in our stomachs :) Britt & I ordered Riesling, the boys ordered a house brew, & we all split a large flatbread pizza. We finished up just in time to get in line for the festival... which is when I realized that I didn't have my ID with me! Seriously, I thought Eric was going to kill me & I was fully prepared to go eat ice cream in the hotel room alone all night. Luckily, we had a very sweet bouncer who took my younger sister's word for it that I'm 3 years older than her.

Once we got inside, the boys got to work. God only knows how much they consumed, but I know that I definitely had enough... 

We called it a night by 10 because that's what starting at 2 does to us these days. However, the hotel did have free shuttles running into town until 2:30 am. 

fried food break...

It was a great time, I just think I'm getting old because I was really excited to get home to this. 

Ella has learned how to take selfies :) 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter Running Gear

It's official. The snow has arrived here in Upstate NY...

I'd be upset about it, but I'm not dreading winter nearly as much now that I have a SUV. It also means that Christmas is just a little bit closer. And... it gives me a reason to shop for new running gear!

I know I haven't been posting about my runs as regularly around here, but I promise they're happening. I read the other day on Hubby Jack's blog that running is a dying trend. I disagree. I just think that people are talking about it a little less because it's become old hat - a part of their daily routines. It doesn't consume me the way it did when I was training for my race... it's just a part of my life now. Just like eating healthy & showering - I do it regularly. 

Doing it regularly in the winter is a lot tougher though. I'm begging Santa for a family membership to the local YMCA so that Ella & I can stay fit indoors this winter, but just in case that doesn't happen, I've picked out my winter running essentials.  

A Comfy Training Hoodie 

There is just something I love about running in a hoodie on a brisk day. I love throwing one one with running tights & setting off. In winter months, a hoodie usually isn't enough though & I have to layer up like that kid in A Christmas Story. But not now... Nike has a whole line of Dri-Fit Wool Products this season - designed to keep you warm without running in your parka! My favorite is the Nike Dri-Fit Women's Wool Training Hoodie. The cowl neck is perfect for burrowing your face in & the reflective details keep you safe on those dim evening runs. Definitely worth investing in... 

Reflective Running Jacket

Buy It Here

Ok, my next item is pricey but I'm all about not getting hit by cars, so I'm investing in one. This reflective jacket is amazing. The whole bottom portion is reflective, so your whole torso lights up! Pair that with a head lamp & a neon pink base layer and you'll be set to go! (Again, it's pricey though, so if you aren't serious about running outside in the dark, I wouldn't go for it.)  

Running Tights

I run in capris 50% of the time, even in the summer. (I like to keep my thighs under control.) But my normal capris & leggings can't hack it in the winter months. If you plan to run outside in the cold, snow, or rain - invest in real thermal running tights. I have these ones from the GapFit Line & absolutely love them. They're high waisted & very thick - but still reasonably priced. I've heard that North Face makes amazing running tights too. 

Head Gear

Don't try to run outside in the winter without something covering your ears. You will regret it fast. I personally love ear warmers because they help hold my ear phones in place & I can still rock my pony tail. Other people prefer hats that have a pony tail hole. It's really just about personal preference - though ear warmers are typically cheaper. I've had my $20 Nike head band for 4 years now & it's still going strong. 

Sturdy Shoes

I love my Wave Riders so I think I'm going to try these Wave
Ascend 7's - on the list for great traction & stability.

Make sure that your shoes can handle the terrain created by ice & snow. I do not recommend running in any minimalist shoe in these conditions - I may have almost died in them last year. Definitely go with something that offers you a lot of stability & support. Since I'm no expert in this area, I found this list of shoes for winter running - which I'm sure was put together by someone far smarter than I am :)

Get out there & enjoy the snow! 
Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ella at 15 Months

Ella @ 15 Months... 

Stats: 21 lbs. 9 oz. & 31 inches 

  • Ella will eat just about anything you put in front of her, but her favorites are blueberries, ice cream, chicken nuggets, spaghetti, and yogurt pouches. 
  • She's starting to learn to use utensils, which is equally comical and messy.  
  • Ella has a sweet tooth, just like her mommy - so we have to be careful about how much sugar she's getting! 

  • She moves & she moves fast. She can full on run & climbs steps. She's still really clumsy though and falls all the time. I can't believe that she doesn't have a concussion with the amount of times she bangs her head a day, but the doctor assures me that it's completely normal at this stage. Which is good, because I was ready to invest in a helmet for her. 

  • Ella goes in spurts with her talking. One day she won't shut up & will babble your ear off. The next, she'll barely make a peep. Her babysitter says that she is always talking with the other babies at day care though, so I think it might just vary with her sleepiness when she gets home with me. 
  • She can now say - mom, dad, dog, Ella, Bri, and baby. 
  • If you ask Ella what a dog says, she'll say "ruff, ruff" - cutest ever! 

Other Funny Stuff: 
  • Ella is obsessed with putting her sand bucket on her head. She just loves to run around the house with it on. She knows that it's funny too, because she looks at you & expects you to laugh at her! 
  • At cheer practice Ella runs around & goes through the girls' bags. We now have a zipper pouch policy because of her excellent taste in both cell phones & jewelry. 
  • Ella's favorite app on my iPhone is now Peekaboo Fridge. She just loves it & totally knows how to run it on her own. 
  • Ella has extremely wide feet & can't wear a lot of shoes. It's very frustrating because I'd like to buy her leopard print Sperry's & baby Uggs for Christmas - but they don't fit. We have to order her shoes from Stride Rite's wide selection... 
  • We're just getting into Sesame Street & she's taking a liking to Elmo. This makes Eric cringe, but I think of Elmo as a rite of passage, so I'm excited about it :) 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Must Have Shirt!

I'm a huge fan of Pinterest Told Me To & I respect her opinion in the most devoted of ways. But I have to tell you people, I know what I'm talking about too! Which is why today, I'm featuring my own must have shirt! This is a big deal, thus we're even going to give it its own hashtag - #musthaveshirt. 

Just over a week ago, Gap was having a 40% off event plus Gap Cash. I knew that I had to pounce, so I immediately got to browsing. There were lots of items that caught my eye, but I've really been trying to focus my shopping efforts on versatile tops. Ladies, that is exactly what I found.... 

Behold... the Fluid Pleat Back T
It's loose & flowy, but not so flowy that it looks like a poncho. It's just the right length too! It isn't going to get confused for a tunic & it'll never look like a crop top either. Perfection! Ladies, I loved it so much that I bought two. 

Here it is in Navy (which I thought was black when I ordered it... oops!) paired with pink jeans, gold glitter flats, and gold jewelry. Remember, I warned you that navy, pink, and gold was going to be my new favorite color combo! 

And then I bought it in Oatmeal & paired it with my camo pants and suede wedges today! Yes, I'm wearing it two days in a row. No, I don't care. The shirt is that awesome & I think that these two looks are great demonstrations of exactly how versatile it really is! 

I'm not playing around here people... go out & get it! And Gap, if you're listening - I need it in black & stripes ASAP! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Photoshoots, Playdates, & The Return of Red Cups...

It is absolutely frigid here this morning! As in I had my gloves, North Face, and scarf on to drive to work frigid. Also, in case I didn't feel it myself as I walked from the house to my car, my new car apparently flashes the temperature at you when it dips below freezing. It is very distracting. I don't know if it does it forever, maybe it'll stop if I'm driving far enough? I'm hoping that my husband can figure out how to make it stop... 

We had a lovely little weekend around the Bliss household. Lots of family time. No eating out - yay us! A little bit of shopping & a little bit of photoshooting. #loveitall

they're blurry because they never stop moving! 

On Friday afternoon, Ella & I went to her boyfriend's house for a play date! She hadn't gotten to play with Keith in awhile and it's so awesome to see that she can finally keep up with him. He's 4 months older than her & normally she's kind of trailing behind him. But Friday, she was on fire! It just confirmed what the doctor told me at her 15 month check up - "she's right on track." Trust me, you have no idea how exciting the words "your child is perfectly normal" are until you have a child! I'm striving for average at this point people! 

Eric was gone Friday night, which meant lots of snuggle time for mommy & Ella. She was in such a good mood & kind of just ran between her playroom and the living room for most of the night while I did some work & watched a few episodes of Super Fun Night (The show is very random, but very funny.) 

On Saturday, Ella & I headed to the mall with my sister & her fiance. We were on a very specific mission. Find clothes for the boys. Our Christmas card photo shoot got moved back (it was supposed to be a few weeks ago) & I had decided that I hated Eric's original outfit. My sister had her engagement photoshoot on Sunday afternoon, so we had to make sure Matt had coordinating outfits for all of her looks too. That meant a lot of time in J.Crew & Banana - which paid off because we found awesome stuff! 

in BR with my second red cup of the season // Ella with a large puppy at LL Bean
Ella with a more suitable puppy option // Britt modeling one of Eric's button down choices 

We also found red cups at Starbucks... which made us very happy. #peppermintmochaforall I know a lot of people have been up in arms about their "early return" but I'm here to tell you that Christmas begins on November 1st at my house - thus I will have at least 1 red cup per week for the next two months. #bitemehaters

my first red cup of the season on Friday afternoon

Sunday morning brought Daylight Savings Time, which Ella does not understand at all.... we were just up even earlier than normal on a weekend. I took her downstairs to play while Eric caught a few more hours of sleep. Again, she kind of just ran around & entertained herself allowing me to catch up on some blogging & school work. I'm just loving this stage that she's at. Post to come soon on how awesome 15 months is... 

The finale to my weekend was playing assistant at my sister's engagement shoot! It was a crisp 35 degrees outside & I was bundled up in my parka but I just love photography & if I had it all to do over again, I'd become a photographer. The amazing Tammy let me help out & I had the best time. I had planned on sneaking a few pics on my camera phone, but was pretty sure I'd get in trouble if I got caught, so I refrained. However, I cannot wait to share the photos with you! Here's just a little taste of how gorgeous the sky was from Tammy's IG... 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend too! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Social - Total Randomness

1. What is currently on your wish list? 
My wish list is always a mile long & it doesn't help that I spent the day at the mall with my sister yesterday... top of my list right now though is a pair of colorblock Hunter Wellies. 
Find Them Here

2. Share a new iPhone or iPad app that you have recently discovered that we all need.
Hmmm... I'm still sticking with my love for the Blogilates App. She just released it for Droid too, so everyone can get in on the fitness fun! 
3. What is a new fall TV show that you have added to your DVR?
I just started watching Super Fun Night on Friday while Eric was gone. It's a super silly sitcom & exactly the mindless type of comedy I adore to binge watch on the weekends. 
4. Share your social media links so we can follow you. Tell us which is your favorite and why.
My favorite is Instagram because I'm a picture person. Second favorite is Pinterest because I just love to browse through all of the outfits/crafts/workouts/etc. FB & Twitter will always have a place in my heart... but I use them less than I used to. 
5. What is a TV show, movie, or song that you could watch or listen to over and over and never get tired of?
I could watch Gossip Girl marathons daily. I just loved that show & miss it terribly... 
favorite GG quote.. 

Linking up with Neely for Sunday Social... 
Friday, November 1, 2013

Pinterest Told Me To Buy Pink Pants

I pinned this photo of Julie Bowen back at the beginning of the summer when I purchased my Gap blazer for a steal of a deal. I just loved how she styled her navy jacket with hot pink and gold, & I knew instantly that I wanted to do something similar...

pinned here

The first step in copying this outfit was to find the perfect pair of pink pants. They couldn't be too light. I didn't want them to be highlighter pink either. They had to be the perfect balance of cotton candy with bubblegum. I also wanted them to be skinny jeans so that I could pair them with boots, heels, or flats. After months of searching, I finally found the perfect pair in Piperlime's clearance section. They were marked down to $30 & with my Gap Rewards, I got them for $10! #score 

skinnies - Cheap Monday via Piperlime // boots - MIA
blazer - Gap // tee - Gap // watch - Coach 

Since my blazer has pinstripes, I opted for a plain white v-neck underneath. I'm just not sure about mixing horizontal & vertical stripes. I also switched out my gold glitter loafers for my gray boots because it was pouring down rain & I didn't want to loose my sparkles in a puddle! 

I really loved how the gold jewelry popped in the outfit too. I'm thinking that pink & gold may be my new favorite combination! 

Linking Up With... 

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