Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Social - Halloween Edition

1. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? I was a Christmas present one year & I just loved it!
2. If you could go back to your childhood and dress up as something, what would it be? I would've gone as a Disney Princess. I know my sister was Jasmine one year, but I never got to be one :( 
3. What was your favorite Halloween costume as an adult? I was a flapper two Halloweens ago. It was the first costume that I actually purchased ever. I was a DIY at the last minute kind of girl all through college... 

4. What is your favorite Halloween candy? Those little Mallowcreme pumpkins are the death of me...
5. What is your favorite Halloween memory? Halloween parties at my husband's college house. They were always over the top & crazy. I miss those... 
6. What is your favorite scary movie? I don't do scary movies. I'd much rather watch the Halloween party scene from Mean Girls... 


  1. Love the christmas present idea! I once went as an O Henry bar when I was about 10 ha!

  2. Wow! A Christmas Present as a Halloween costume is SO CLEVER! I almost wish I would have thought of that myself but will TOTALLY think of that in the future!! Especially because it seems like something that I could do on my own without going out and spending tons of money on a costume from a store!
    Anywho-- I'm dropping in by way of the Sunday Social and I'm loving your space here!! I hope you had a great weekend!!

  3. I love MEan girls! Its my favorite movie!


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