Monday, October 28, 2013

Beyond Blessed...

I spent a lot  of time this weekend feeling purely blessed... It all started as I was sitting in the parking lot of a high end photography studio, in my new car, sipping Starbucks. I had a few minutes until Britt got there, so I decided to savor the alone time. That's when it hit me. I am so incredibly fortunate to have the life that I do. I'm not normally a reflective person, but I think I need to strive to become one, because as I reflected, I felt more at peace with my life. It may not be perfect. We may not have everything that I want, but we have everything that we need. And that is a reason to feel blessed. 

Other reasons why I'm feeling blessed... 

  • I met with my sister's wedding photographer! I am so in love with her & all of her images. We talked about the plan for Britt's engagement photos & the photo above is the inspiration... I get to play stylist for the shoot & am really looking forward to it. It's only 3 weeks from today! (Can you tell that I'm getting really into my role as Maid of Honor?)
  • I have fantastic in-laws that love their granddaughter so much. They took her to their house for two nights & gave us some time to get the house back in order after a crazy fall season. Some people think it's crazy that I don't worry the whole time she's gone, but they're amazing with her & I know she's having a blast. 
  • We won our 7th straight Sectional title on Saturday! I am so blessed to be a part of this program & really believe that I'm meant to be here. I had planned to give up coaching when I took my new teaching job four years ago, but somehow this landed in my lap & it's now a huge part of my life. Words cannot express the amount of pride that I have in those girls. Love them & can't wait to watch them go for #8 in the winter.
  • I have the best cousins ever. I take it for granted that Britt & I had such close relationships with our cousins growing up. Today, they're still some of our best friends. Two of our cousins are going to be in Britt's wedding with us & one was able to attend a bridal show with us yesterday.  We had a blast  and got some great ideas for the wedding! (Again, I love being a Maid of Honor!) 
  • Eric. Hands down the most amazing husband ever. He doesn't complain when I spend the entire weekend at cheer competitions & bridal shows, he just cleans the house & does the laundry. I'm not kidding, he is that amazing.... 


  1. who is your sister having for a photographer?
    also where do you find a listing of bridal shows?
    Getting married next summer & new to the whole thing :)

  2. this is such a lovely post ! Its the little things in life =)

    Simply Sutter

  3. What a nice post! Supportive husbands and in-laws are the best! Life can fly by so quickly these days, this is a nice reminder to slow down once and awhile.


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