Wednesday, July 3, 2013

M&M Flag Cookie Cake

We're having a large BBQ at my parents' house tomorrow night & I was tasked with finding something "pinteresty" for dessert. I sifted through a ton of recipes & pinned many to my Merica Board - but nothing seemed to scream, "OMG the Bliss Family Will Love This!" So, I started thinking about what my family loves. That boiled down to 1) cookies 2) frosting and 3) M&M's. Thus, my idea for the M&M Cookie Flag Cake was born! 

You Will Need: 
  • a rectangular cookie cake 
  • white frosting
  • red M&M's 
  • blue M&M's 
Here's How To Make It: 

Bake the Cookie Cake - I used two Betty Crocker bagged mixes to make my cookie cake. I could've used my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, but I didn't have all the ingredients or access to my mom's Kitchenaid mixer. Thus, I took the easy way out. You can too - I give you permission. 

Separate Your M&M's - Now you can buy only red & only blue M&M's, but it's going to cost you! I decided to just buy a bag of 4th of July M&M's and sort them myself. The cost of two big bags was still less than a single container of red only! Just take the time to sort them out while the cake bakes, and you can keep any extras in a tupperware container to munch on at the parade!

Let the Cake Cool - This is a very important step! You need to let the cake cool completely before you ice it. Otherwise, you will end up with a mess! I put mine in the fridge for over an hour to make sure that it was fully cooled down.

Ice the Whole Cake - Use the white icing to frost the entire cake. This doesn't need to be a thick layer, but it needs to be substantial enough that the M&M's stick to it!

Make Your Stars - Using the blue M&M's map out the star portion of your cake. I chose to make mine 10 x 10.

Make Your Stripes - Using the red M&M's make the stripes of your flag. I didn't really care if I was historically accurate, so I made my rows 2 M&M's wide. I didn't end up with 13 stripes, but who is really counting.


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