Thursday, April 25, 2013


I have been betrayed by my own daughter...

You look at this face & think, "Oh my, how could someone so sweet & so small betray anyone?" Well, she did & as I write this, it still stings.

Ella & I are thick as theives. We do everything together. I get her up, get her dressed, and take her to daycare. I pick her up, take her home, and play with her for hours. When I take a trip, Ella takes a trip. The only time that I leave her is when I am at work or when I am at the gym. That means Eric has her to himself on average for an hour per day.

The odds were in my favor. She spends the majority of her time with her mommy. Her first word should be mama. Nope... Ella's first word was "Bwa." My child has decided to call me by my first name. For weeks, when she needs me she has been yelling "BWA" across the room. I blame Eric for this, I've been asking him to call me mommy in front of her, but it weirds him out & he won't do it. Thus, my daughter calls me what she hears everyone else call me, Bri.

I was ok with this, I figured with a little coaching her second word would be mama. Nope. Her second word was "Da". Now, I obviously want my daughter to love her father, but I just want her to love me a little bit more. Am I jealous that she can say "Da" and not "Ma" - you better believe I am. That's why I will keep coaching her & hopefully I'll have a video of it soon! Oh, and after this weekend's race... I'll be taking her with me on my runs too - just to make sure he isn't sabotaging me.


  1. Oh, just the first of too many to come, dear!

  2. Oh - and I came to you from Olive & ivy - you have a cute blog - and daughter!

  3. It could be worse.... my first word was a swear...

  4. I would feel betrayed, too! I'll be cheering her on :)

  5. What a cutie pie! She is just precious. I just had a little one a couple months ago and after reading this I'm going to start having people call me mama from now on :)

    Brittany @

  6. nevermind the whole bwa thing....can we talk about HOW CUTE she is sitting up with that bow?! UM. i can only hope my future children are THAT adorable! seriously! hahaha what a little cutie!!

  7. I came to you from Olive & ivy!! I really like your blog and your daughter is beautiful!!!

  8. Shes SO adorable! You have to forgive her this little misshap. :P

    Im coming from olice and ivy blog. :)

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  10. she is so CUTE ..from Olive & ivy

  11. Oh my she is the cutest! Yes forgive her, cute babies are easy to forgive. (I know that sounds awful) lol
    Visiting from Olive&Ivy!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. What a cutey patootie! Don't take the word thing personally. "D" sounds are easier for babies to make. That's why "Mama" usually isn't the first word.
    I'm visiting from Olive & Ivy!


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