Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Update

I already told you about my Saturday night, but the weekend was jam packed so I have a lot more to share!

On Friday night, I got to run outside with Charlie because Ella was at my parents' house. We did a solid 3.5 miles & it felt amazing to get back outside. It was 45 degrees - perfect running weather for an Eskimo dog.

this girl isn't going to get hit by a car!

When we got home, we had to speed pack & load the car for our trip to the boondocks. It's about an hour and a half to my parents' house & we wanted to get there before Ella went to bed, so we were really rushing around. Luckily, she was wide awake when we got there. (My parents aren't that great with bedtimes.)

On Saturday morning, I planned to run from my parents' house to my aunt's house. It's just over 4 miles & it's downhill. My father was not a fan of this idea though, and he didn't seem to care how much reflective gear I was wearing.  So, I took a rest day to prevent him from having a stroke about me running on the main road.

My sister showed up just in time to feed Ella her lunch. This was Aunt Brittany's first time & I have to say that it was quite comical. She hates to get dirty, which is Ella's favorite part of eating any meal. Luckily, she loves Ella because the whole incident ended with her having to change her jeans due to peach colored spit up.

the clean portion of the meal - cheerios!

My Aunt Tonia came over around 1 & Ella had a photoshoot. My aunt does photography on the side, and I'm lucky enough to reep the benefits of her skills. I haven't gotten to see any of the pictures yet, but here is my favorite from Ella's newborn session. Rest assured, as soon as I get them, they'll be posted all over the web because Ella was so stinkin' cute.

As you know, we partied hard on Saturday night. We ran out of wine & there weren't many leftovers. However, you should note that our version of partying hard had all of the guests home by 9 p.m. We'll pretend that isn't how it always is & that we were just worried about how daylight savings time would affect us :)

with my sister & grandma

Eric & I got all packed up on Sunday morning and said goodbye to my parents. They're going to go 3 whole weeks without seeing Ella. I'm not sure that my mom will make it, but then again she's leaving for Florida on Friday - so I don't feel bbad for her!

We spent Sunday at Eric's mom's house. She made Sunday dinner and we watched the gold tournament. His sisters were there & they absolutely love their niece. Now that Ella is a little more durable, I let them tire her out. They must have done a good job because she slept the whole way home AND all through the night. Hallelujiah!

Ella with her Aunt Hannah & Aunt Allison

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  1. Aww, your sweet dad being so protective. You probably would have been fine and I love your bright running gear!

  2. I wish I could run like you! I have a messed up knee from a car accident!


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