Thursday, March 7, 2013

True Life: I Used to Be a Fur Mom

Did you know that we have a dog? Probably not... because I'm a horrible person & have abandoned my first born. OK, that's an exaggeration, but poor Charlie does not live the life of luxury that he used to. So today is the day that I ignore Ella & post about my bubba.

life before Miss Ella when he sat on my lap 90% of the time

I picked up Charlie on April 1, 2010. When I sent my mom the picture below, she responded, "That had better be an April Fools joke!" But it wasn't, against everyone's advice, Eric & I had taken our first step into parenthood.

this was taken the second I officially owned Charlie - it was love at first sight

Charlie was a handful, but he was MY handful, so I loved him. We were total pushovers & now he sleeps on top of my head every night. He hated his crate, so we let him ruin a carpet at our old apartment. He was so crazy that we paid for him to go to Doggie Day Care three days a week! He was spoiled rotten....

just hanging out on Aunt Brittany's bed 

Once I was pregnant, everyone was concerned about how Charlie would handle sharing his mommy. We were a pretty insuperable pair - when I went to bed, so did he. If I went for a walk, so did he. If I went on a trip, he was my co-pilot.

totally exhausted after one of our runs

Charlie's smart though & he has settled into his role of big brother nicely. Sure, he likes to eat his sisters bibs and steal her binkies... but he is also insanely protective of her. For example, just a couple weeks ago, Ella decided to sit up while in her swing. I was upstairs, because up to this point the swing was a safe zone. All of the sudden, Charlie starts going nuts. I race down the stairs to find Ella precariously balancing in her swing. It was only a matter of time before she would've fallen, luckily Charlie was there. Big brother to the rescue.

hanging out with his baby sis

So I confess, I'm not the best furmom anymore. I use Charlie as a babysitter & cuddle with him a hundred times less than I used to. Despite that, I still love him to pieces & he'll always be my baby.

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  1. A good pet is an amazing companion for your kids ... we have dogs that we got when the kids were little and are constant companions. Your pair will grow up amazingly together :)

    BTW - another vote for loving the redesign!

  2. Aww Charlie is adorable! It's really cute how he saved Ella, I love stories like that! :)

  3. My cats can understand Charlie's transition away from "only child"! Sounds like you're doing a great job as both a mama and a fur mommy. :) LOVE the pictures, by the way . . . cute! Stopping by from the GYB blog hop, and I'm a new GFC follower. Hope your week is going well.

    Mary Catherine of Fun-A-Day!

  4. Awww! What a good big brother Charlie is! I hope Chip and Daisy protect our future kids like Charlie does Ella!

  5. LOVE Charlie, he is adorable!!!!! I'd love to have a little buddy like that!


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