Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Bliss' Know How to Partay...

We had one heck of a celebration to honor my Grandma's birthday! She really wanted to have all of her family home to celebrate, so we obliged her. A few of my cousins were unable to make it because of their work schedules, but all of my aunts and uncles were there - plus a few of my great aunts!

with the birthday girl!

We decided to have pizza & a ton of appetizers. I made my famous boneless wings, my sister made taco dip, and my mom set up a chocolate fondue station! I tried to explain to her that chocolate fondue doesn't really qualify as an appetizer, but she didn't really care.

Aleisha's bunny fondue - best idea my mom has ever had

Aunt Babs made the cake & it was delicious! Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting! This is my family's favorite cake. My grandpa was the king of baking - so we were incredibly spoiled with our desserts. Now that he is no longer with us, Babs has taken over. Luckily, we're still spoiled.

My sister's best friend, Kaylee, stopped by. Kaylee is like a sister to me & was one of my bridesmaids. It's always good to see her & she couldn't wait to get her hands on Ella.

great food + great people = great party

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  1. Awwww... Love birthday fun!!!
    Already a follower. I host a weekly "Friday" link up hop with a give-a-way. Come check us out it runs through Tuesdays and a winner announced on Wednesdays.
    XX XO,

  2. Wow, what fun! That was so great for you all to pull together to make it a special day for her! I know all that attention and food would have totally made my day! And if you ever do a recipe post for that cake, I would be all over it. ;D (I LOVE cake, and especially Reese's!!)

  3. sounds like some great food and family fun. that cake looks amazing. i actually had pb frosting for the first time 2 weeks ago. YUM!

  4. So sweet. Looks like y'all had a great time! That cake looks awesome too!


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