Sunday, March 3, 2013

Locked & Reloaded Tour

When I received a text from my BFF Jackquelyn yesterday, I immediately speed walked to her office. All she said was - "Can you stop down & see me now!" In my head I was running through a ton of options - 
  • A student in crisis?
  • Something wrong with Baby Keith?
  • She's really pissed off at someone
  • Etc... 
When I got to her office, I was pleasantly surprised because she had an extra ticket to go see Deirks Bentley & Miranda Lambert last night! I am a lover of country music & Eric agreed to watch Ella, so I said yes! 

Because it was totally unexpected, I had no idea what I was going to wear. I went basic - skinny jeans, tall gray boots, slouchy black tee, and black clutch. The great thing about concerts is that everyone is dressed so eclectically, you'll probably fit in! The show was amazing & I'm so glad that she asked me to come at the last minute - such an awesome night!

my new clutch & my ticket

one of my former cheerleaders ~ from many moons ago
ps ~ she is 22 now, so it's ok that I'm drinking!

it wouldn't be a country concert without a couple tallboys

Miranda Lambert performing "Fastest Girl In Town"

Did you have an unexpected surprise this weekend? 


  1. Hi! Found you through GFC Collective... great blog! Looking forward to following along.

  2. What a wonderful surprise! Looks like you guys had tons of fun! :-)


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