Monday, March 4, 2013

Life of a 7 Month Old

As of last week, Ella is now 7 months old! It's totally cliche, but she is growing up so fast. Every day she does something that makes me smile. She is insanely smart & I can tell by her smirks that she is going to be a total smartass... just like her parents. 

Favorite Food: Yogurt

big girl in her new high chair

Ella is currently obsessed with yogurt. She will eat an entire container of baby yogurt & still open her mouth up like a baby bird, clearly wanting more. This makes me laugh because I couldn't stand yogurt while I was pregnant. Apparently she didn't inherit that aversion. 

Favorite Toy: Birdie 

I know that I just showed you her new BFF, Jacque the Peacock, but she still really loves her birdie. It's a great toy... it makes noise & attaches to her wrist so she can never lose it. I think she loves it even more because her Aunt Brittany bought it for her. 

Favorite Clothes: 

So this is really my favorite outfit. I just love how cute she looks in chambray. Another big win from Baby Gap. 

shoes from Gap, jeans from Gap, sweatshirt from Target

If Ella got to pick her favorite outfit, she'd pick anything with shoes. She loves to play with her feet & shoes make it extra fun. 

Talking? Not yet... just babbling. 

Walking? Not even close, but she's getting better at her pseudocrawling 

Today I'm linking up with my newest friend Lisette... you will love her. I promise. 


  1. Ella is just too precious! And she wears Chambray? Ok, the kid is officially cooler than I am.

  2. She is so cute I can't stand it! Thanks so much for linking up today!

  3. she's one of THE cutest blog babies :D happy 7 months!! we share the same love of yogurt..


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