Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Suck at Following a Training Plan...

I went into half marathon training with grand hopes of devoutly following my training plan.

this really is my training plan... it's from Women's Health Magazine & you can find it here on Pinterest

What I forgot to account for is that I have a life... and that life involves a lot of traveling, a high stress job, and a 7 month old. Oh, and I have a husband too.

you'd suck at training if you had to leave this peanut behind too...

All of these factors have made training a lot harder than I anticipated. I usually make it to the gym for a solid hour long session on the week nights that consists of 4 miles and weight training. It's our weekend traveling that is absolutely killing me... I'm supposed to do my long runs on Saturdays & I have missed the past two. I knew that missing one, which was a cutback run, wouldn't kill me. But missing two, in a row, was obviously a bad move. Thus, I forced myself to run 7 miles on a school night. Last night's run was extremely rough. I'm still recovering from my cold and I just wasn't mentally there. I walked a little more than normal, but still finished it out in 72 minutes. My original goal was to finish the whole 13.1 at a 10 min/mile pace. At this point, my goal is going to be to finish in general.

As I'm writing this though, I realize that even though training has been hard.... there is no doubt in my mind that it has been worth it. I'm stronger than I've ever been. I'm healthier than I've ever been. It has been good for me. But next time I start talking about training in the dead of winter, someone slap me...


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  1. When I ran my first half-marathon last August (Catharine Valley Half out of Watkins Glen through Montour, since you know the area :) ) ... I didn't even have a PLAN! I had been working up to running 8-10 miles per day since the kids were on vacation (I do 6-8 at this point to have time to wake them up for school), and wanted to run at least 12 one time before the race, which I did the week before.

    But I also had the weekend issue, as we tried to maximize what we could do together as a family.

    I also didn't have a nutrition plan as I was more focused on losing weight , which was stupid since I would out going out really fast and running out of fuel and thinking I couldn't finish by mile 11 ... I learned a valuable lesson that made me a much better runner!

    So definitely keep working where you can - but don't lose sight of the priorities in your life, and remember to have a nutrition plan to keep you fueled up for the race!

    As for the winter stuff ... well, I'm not one to ask as I was out when it was -20 with wind chill in January ... :)

    Not to make you jealous, but this past weekend I had a trip to Coronado, CA (off San Diego) and ran ~23 miles across 3 days with morning temps of 55 degrees along the pacific coast ... only to return to running in the snow and ice this morning!

  2. Good luck Brianne!! I know you can do it!!! I honestly can't imagine how hard it is to balance everything and then make time for running on top of everything else! I wish you luck!


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