Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hoppy Easter to You!

Happy Easter Everyone! 

another awesome photo from my Aunt Tonia

We're spending the weekend with Eric's family, which is about an hour away from our house. We drove in this afternoon after I got a solid 9 miles in. It was an awesome run & I am so excited for the weather to stay like this. It is so much easier to run outside, mentally that is. Physically, I kind of missed the soft cushioning of the treadmill beneath my feet.

Now that we're here, Ella is having the time of her life playing with her Grandma Mary! We've been able to spend some time outside because it finally hit 50 degrees. I know that's freezing to some of you, but for us it's a heat wave. We're going to be at my other in-law's tomorrow, so we had to go hunting for Ella's Easter basket! She was very confused by the whole thing, but really enjoyed the concept of getting presents (as if she doesn't get some sort of present every weekend...) 

I hope you all have a blessed Easter & I'll be back on Monday to update on our Spring Break plans!


  1. it is like a heat wave! Feels great to have warm weather again :) Funny you say the cushioning of the treadmill...I always think the opposite! But you go girl with your 9 miles! That's awesome!!! Enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend, your little one is presh in that pic!


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