Friday, March 8, 2013

Fridays Make Me Happy

Other Things That Make Me Happy...

1) Running

leaving the gym... looking sexy as ever after 5 miles

I have not always felt this way. Running was a real struggle at first. I'm finally at a point where three miles makes me feel like a million dollars & I am starting to feel like I can actually run this half marathon without stopping to walk. (7 weeks to go!) The changes in my body are out of this world too. The number on the scale is holding steady, but the amount of muscle I've gained is noticeable and I'll take muscle over fat any day.
2) Iced Tea

I drink at least two of these a day... plus what I pour for myself at home.

That first hit of caffeine in the morning is the best. I swear I'm a caffeine addict & while I've never done drugs, I think that I totally understand addiction based on my love for iced tea. (Hyperbole - obviously - addiction is a disease - I know that.)

3) Uninterupted Sleep

alright, I admit I did kind of miss waking up to this :)

Ella spent the night with my parents last night, so Eric & I got a solid eight hours of uninterupted sleep. I feel like a million bucks! She's certainly adorable, but her 2 a.m. conversations are tiring.

4) Throwbacks

We have a tradition at my school. On Friday mornings a group of us 20-Somethings get together & have a Friday morning dance party. It's always a song from our high school days. This morning's was B2K - Bump, Bump, Bump. Last week was JaRule & J.Lo - I'm Real. Seriously, these songs have crazy memories attached to them.

5) Blogs

I know I've already talked about it... but it's so pretty around here now! I could probably spend all day just staring at it, but that would mean I couldn't stalk all of the other blogs I love. I missed Blog Crushes yesterday, but here are the blogs that inspired me to start blogging...


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  1. I feel you on the running thing! The half marathon I'm doing is 7 weeks away too and it's crazy how much more confident I feel about it since starting training! Good luck to you! :)

  2. If every school had a mini dance party every morning, the world would be a happier place!

  3. LOVE those blogs - SR was the first one I read!!

    whoaaaaaa, love me some JLO. That's a great throwback!


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