Monday, March 4, 2013

Brick Oven Pizza, 8 Mile Run, & a Lazy Sunday

So I already told you about how awesome my Friday night was & the good news is that the rest of my weekend was just as much fun!

Eric's dad & stepmom came to visit on Saturday. I love that they're willing to come to us - it makes our lives a lot easier. Also, it gives us a lot more restaurants to choose from! They arrived with a surprise for Ella. Let me introduce you all to her new BFF, Jacque the Peacock. That is his real name, I call him by it regularly. Just say it a few times, it'll make you happy - I promise.

We decided to have lunch at Napa Woodfired Pizza. Eric & I absolutely love this place. They have amazing pizza, huge salads, & an assortment of local brews on tap (a must for Eric.) It's very close to our house & has a huge outside patio - making it one of our summertime faves. I decided to go with a white pizza, then added fire roasted chicken & bacon. It was beyond delicious.

We didn't get home from lunch until almost 2:30 & my gym closes at 5 on Saturdays. That meant I had to get myself there ASAP if I was going to fit in my 8 mile run. Now, running after eating pizza is certainly not ideal, and I was mentally preparing myself to feel awful. The strangest thing happened though, I felt amazing! I can only boil this down to two things:
  1. I'm not eating enough before I run. It's certainly a possibility. I think I need to take in more fuel prior to my long runs.
  2. I was watching Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 & I was so distracted that I didn't even notice that I was running. I was totally sucked into the movie (get it - bloodsuckers? just a little Monday humor for you...) I hate to admit this in writing, but I'm a total TwiHard. I've read all the books... more than once. I've seen all the movies... more than once. I didn't get to see this one in theaters though because Ella was so little. I have been dying for it to come out & it totally made my long run the best run ever.
Eric went out with our friends on Saturday night while I laid on the couch & read blogs/stalked/pinned. I was perfectly content because it's still cold out & I'm a warm weather boozer. 

His night out led to a very lazy Sunday. I managed to get msyelf to the gym and do a 3 mile easy run. (I've found that running the day after my long run makes me less sore.)  Then I headed to Wegmans to pick up the ingredients for our Sunday Dinner - a Burrito Bake that I was so incredibly delicious. That said, the burrito bake was not the most delicious thing I ate yesterday. This was...

that is a cupcake with just as much frosting as cake

Elizabeth has been torturing me with pictures of dessert on her blog all week. When I saw this, I knew that I must have it so that I could make her jealous for a change!

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  1. Hello from the blog hop! Fire oven pizza on weekends is the absolute best!

  2. I am a new follower of yours- I found you ont he GFC collective blog hop! Ella is so beautiful and I love your post about her nursery! Hope to see you around my blog too!

    PS. An 8 mile run would KIll me! Way to go!

    1. About 4 months ago an 8 mile run would've killed me too... I'm definitely a work in progress!


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