Friday, February 22, 2013

What's Working for Me

When I stepped on the scale this morning, I was pleased to see that I was right at my happy weight of 130. I was a little surprised because I always feel like a whale upon returning from my parents' house. Their pantry is fully stocked with my childhood vices - Doritos, fun size candy bars, ice cream sandwiches - they have it all. They also love to eat out. It can be a recipe for disaster.

I realize now though, that I exercised a lot of good habits without even consciously depriving myself. Here are a few tips about what works for me when I'm traveling and/or in a tempting place...

1. Don't Drink Your Calories
It was cold in Albany & I could've sipped on Starbucks Hot Chocolate all day. But that would've added a lot of calories to my day. I also would've loved to have a frozen margarita with my mom at dinner, but I sipped on calorie free unsweetened iced tea instead. I didn't feel deprived because I was splurging on other things. Which leads me to...

2. Prioritize Splurges
I love a frozen margarita, but I can have them any time I want at The Distillery. I cannot have famous cupcakes every day though, so I chose that. I wanted to eat breadsticks at OG, so I didn't add fries to my sandwich at lunch. With a little planning, you can save yourself a lot of calories (and regret).

my mom's margarita 

3. Split Meals
Restaurant portions are out of control - so I share with my mom. We split Chicken Alfredo & we were still stuffed from our dinner. I had what I wanted to eat, I just didn't eat as much of it. If you don't have somebody to share it with, ask the waiter for a box & immediately put half it away. (I do this all the time at Moe's because I know I don't need a whole quesadilla, but I'd gladly eat it.)

4. Plan Ahead
I knew that my parents were working during the day, so I was able to be completely in charge of my breakfasts. I have completely cut out bagels, a decision my family cannot comprehend, so I packed something for myself. I love Clif Bars & they're a healthy 240 calories with plenty of fiber. I ate one for breakfast daily & had no problem getting to lunch. I also knew when we'd be eating out & when we would be staying in. This helped me plan out my calories for the day.

5. Move!
I ran on my parents treadmill on Tuesday & went to the gym when I got home last night - both solid workouts. I took Wednesday as a rest day, but that doesn't mean that I stopped moving! Ella & I spent the day on the go - shopping and walking all day. Even though we didn't buy much, we had fun & were better off than if we'd stayed at home on the couch all day!

after my run last night in my new ProCompression Socks

How do you stay on track while traveling?

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  1. I religiously follow rule number 1 - never drink any calories. I'd much, much rather eat them!


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