Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Food Bar & My First Long Run

On Friday night, Eric & I decided that we really wanted seafood. We wanted something quick, so we hit up The Food Bar. It's connected to Wegmans, serves large mugs of beer, and has awesome fish fry. I had the fried haddock with fries & Eric had a burger with green beans. Their green beans are to die for! I ate at least half of his & barely touched my fries. I had unsweetened iced tea, Eric had a Next Door Ale, which is Wegmans house beer & is only served in their restaurants. 

Ella loves The Food Bar because there is excellent people watching. We sat next to a window & could see everyone leaving with their shopping carts full. She was really trying to snag a green bean too, but her dad said no. 

in a trance, staring at strangers through the window
Since we were just next door to Wegmans, we ventured over there to get dessert. They just opened a specialty cupcake station & I took on the ridiculous task of picking just one cupcake to take home with me.

Please note that there were even more options on the back of this station! I finally decided on a chocolate Mardi Gras cupcake. It had TONS of frosting which makes for an A++ cupcake in my book. 

On Saturday morning, my training plan called for my first long run. I have never done anything longer than 3.5 before, so 5 was a big step. The first two miles were hard, and I kept having to talk myself out of quitting at 3. Once I got through two though, I was pretty determined to finish. One of the biggest things for me was giving myself permission to walk. I am not talking a 5 minute stroll in the middle, but I did walk for a minute every 1.5 miles. It gave me a minute to catch my breath and relax. I still maintained a decent pace and keep reminding myself that it was my first long run. I will continue to get stronger. I couldn't even run for 5 minutes in September. I've come a long way & I'll keep pushing until I accomplish my goals. 

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