Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sectionals, Training Update, & a Dinner Date

Life has been busy this week, but not busy in a crazy, want to pull my hair out way. It's been busy in an exhilerated, fun way. With cheer season officially over, I get to go home with Ella every night after school. I'm catching up on my DVR & starting to cook dinner for my husband again. Life is good.


In New York, Sectionals is the big show for cheerleading. Our varsity squad was five time defending champs going into it & the pressure was on. They practiced hard all through their February break. I cannot tell you how proud I was to watch these girls on the mat. I coached many of them when they were younger and it just makes me happy to see them out there performing! They nailed their routine & walked away as SIX TIME DEFENDING CHAMPIONS! This is a huge accomplishment & I am so honored to coach for our organizaiton. Go Rangers!

Ella & KC
KC is the daughter of our JV coach & is like a sister to me!

with Kylie afterthe big win - one of the most talented girls I've ever coached

Ella & our Athletic Director
He gets so excited when she is wearing her blue & gold!
Training Update

Sunday - Rolling Hills for 4 miles
Monday -  Progression Run for 3 miles
Tuesday - Rest Day
Wednesday - Easy Run for 3.5 miles @ 9:50/mile pace

don't I look gorgeous after a workout?

I really took it easy last night because my legs were just dead. I have no idea why they were, but I couldn't seem to get them moving in their normal rhythm. I got my miles in though, and I'm starting to get pumped about my 8 mile run on Saturday!

Dinner Date

Eric texted me Tuesday afternoon to ask if we could go out to eat. I didn't feel like cooking & I was debating whether Tuesday or Wednesday would be my rest day - so I said YES! He wanted to go to Longhorn Steakhouse & I never turn down steak. I had a 6 oz. sirloin with mashed potatoes & a tossed salad. Longhorn makes their own ranch dressing & I could've ate four salads as my dinner. It was delicious. Miss Ella was incredibly well behaved too, which made it an enjoyable date night.

Eric & Ella... who was very distracted by the balloon behind me
Sorry this post was so random, just wanted to keep you updated on a few of the little things! What have you been up to lately?

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  1. I love longhorn! I can't eat steak anymore but their shrimp is oh so tasty.


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