Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pregnancy Style

At this time last year I was desperately trying to figure out how to dress my growing baby bump. I didn't want to spend a ton of money, but I didn't want to wear a mumu either. Apparently, I did a decent job dressing myself because this morning I had a co-worker stop me in the hall and ask if I could help her out. She is 5 months pregnant and totally sick of everything in her closet that still fits. Because she's adorable & an amazing teacher, I offered to let her borrow a bunch of my stuff. But, I can't do that for everyone... so here are a few of my tips for looking amazing while knocked up. (I know some people find that phrase offensive, but it's what Eric & I referred to my pregnancy as, so deal with it.)

Tip 1: Avoid Baggy Clothes
Keep repeating this to yourself ~ I'm pregnant, not fat. This was my mantra. I still stayed true to my style & still wore clothes that flattered my shape. I made sure that I was covered up at all times, but I also showed off my belly with pride.

36 weeks pregnant ~ I had Ella 4 days later!

Tip 2: Stay True to Your Style
I've already said this once, but stay true to your style. You may be pregnant but you're still you! For me, that meant finding colored shorts and embelished tops that still fit my belly. It meant maxi dresses & strappy sandals. I never left the house feeling "ugly" or "frumpy," I always felt pulled together, just larger than normal.

with my second husband, Drew, at the Diaper Party he threw us ~ 33 weeks

Tip 3: Avoid Cutting Off Your Circulation
About 3 months into my pregnancy, I started having stabbing pains in my abdomen while at work. Panicked, I ran down the hall to my BFF's office and freaked out. Since she was also pregnant and we had already made plans for our kids to marry, she insisted I go to the doctor immediately. When I did, the nurse practioner gently informed me that everything was completely fine with the baby, but that I might want to rethink my skinny jean habit for awhile. Apparently, they were basically cutting off my circulation! While this was mortifying, I learned a lesson that day - you're pregnant, it's ok to buy stretchy pants. Which leads me to...

Tip 4: Maxi Dresses Are Your BFF
I was pregnant all through the summer. It was HOT. I was miserable at times. I was still teaching too, which meant I had to pull my shit together on a daily basis. Becasue of this, I collected a large assortment of maxi dresses. The bonus with these is that they will transition into motherhood. I plan to still wear many of them this summer because they were designed to be flowy!

wearing my favorite maxi dress for my maternity photos ~ done at 35 weeks by Photokisses

Tip 5: Don't Overspend
You're only going to wear these clothes for 9 months tops. You don't need to go over the top. I would've loved to have gone on a spending spree at Pea in the Pod, but since we were bringing another mouth to feed into the world, that wasn't possible. Instead, I shopped at consignment shops & sales. A huge chunk of my wardrobe was from Gap Maternity ~ since I'm a Gap Silver member, I get great coupons and free shipping. Even if you aren't a Gap Silver member, it's still cheaper than traditional maternity stores. Another gold mine is Target. They carry a decent selection of maternity clothes at extremely affordable prices.

And in case you need a little inspiration, here are some of my favorite pregnancy looks from Pinterest!

love how she belted her maxi dress ~ I did the same thing in my maternity photos
all of these looks are from Forever 21 ~ aka inexpensive!
and this is my absolute favorite ~ so stylish!

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