Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pinterest Thursday - Valentine's Edition

I saw this on Pinterest & had to laugh to myself... this is very much how my relationship with my husband is. This is our 10th Valentine's Day together! We both love each other like crazy... but we are very much our own people too. I love to work out, go to bed at nine, and shop. He loves craft beers, golfing, staying up to play video games, and sporting events. There are definitely things that we enjoy doing together - but we live our own lives too. I think that's a huge part of why we've been together for so long & why we'll stay together for many more years to come.

Here are a few awesome Valentine's Day ideas from the world of Pinterest...

This is called a "Heart Attack" - I love it! You fill it with love notes & candies.
You could even put in a gift card too if you wanted to make it more expensive!
These are Valentine's Day Smore Pops! They look delish, although I'm not exactly sure
how to get the graham cracker in the shape of hearts.

Last, I love these cookies. They're simple & probably delish. I would take off the 15 cents on top... it seems kind of random. I might also change it to You + Me = Us... if you watched MTV as a kid, you understand what I'm saying. If not... see below.

You're welcome everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!

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