Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our First Solo Road Trip

Ella & I made our first solo road trip this morning. She travels with us all of the time, but I've always had a co-pilot to help out with her. I started to get really anxious about it last night, but we ended up doing just fine on our own.

We left the house at 8 & got on the thru-way. It takes about 3 1/2 hours to get to my parents' house in Albany, so I'd planned to make at least 1 stop for Ella.

our thru-way ticket ~ basically highway robbery
It turns out Ella wasn't even the reason that I had to stop though! I needed gas and more iced tea. I also needed to test out my bathroom with baby strategy because I had really talked it through thoroughly with Eric last night. I know you're wondering - it worked. I just found a handicapped stall & kept her in her seat while I did my business. The girl played with Tigger just as happily as if we were in a 5 star restaurant. I swear she is the easiest baby ever.

We spent a lot of time jamming out. Ella loves to sing in the car & hearing her little voice makes me really happy. The song above & the song below are her favorites. (FYI - we're total gleeks in our house. I swear half the music on my iPod is from Glee.)

By the time we got to my parents' house, I had ants in my pants. I needed to move! Luckily my parents have a sweet treadmill set up & I was able to get in a solid 3.5 miles. Ella has never seen me run before and she was pretty interested in the whole thing. She

Then we moved into my dad's man cave to play! My parents' have the most awesome finished basement. I absolutely love it down there. There's a huge television, a big rug for Ella to play on, & the world's comfiest furniture. I think it's obvious that Ella loves it too!

Now we're just waiting for my parents to get home & join our little party. Lots more fun to come!

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