Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Love Affair with... J.Crew

My love affair with J.Crew began when I went away to college. I met a lot of new people & for the first time in my life, I was mixed in with people that had far more money than my family. They didn't flaunt it, but they wore brands that I'd never encountered & carried bags that I'd only ever seen on television. My next door neighbor was a total J.Crew addict and I coveted her closet. It was then that I began to save up my money in order to make my first J.Crew purchase.

The first item I bought was a pair of brown driving moccassins that I still wear regularly to this day. They are the most comfortable & preppy flats on the face of this earth.

mine are just like this, only brown

As time went on & I graduated from college, I began to receive the J.Crew catalog. It is one of my favorite pieces of mail and its arrival last week is what prompted this post. There's just something therapeutic about flipping through the pages & lusting after the items.

one of my favorite pages from this month's catalog
I shop at J.Crew regularly & love that they offer teachers a 15% off discount. Their items last FOREVER (note the 5 year old pair of shoes in the pictures above!) and are generally timeless wardrobe staples. Here are a few of the items that I plan to purchase this spring:

polka dot popover ~ I think it'll look better with rolled sleeves

boyfriend shorts ~ perfect with simple tanks & flip flops

a hobo purse in rich brown tones ~ great for any season

I need a new pair of matchstick jeans ~ after 5 years I've worn my old ones out

Do you own any J.Crew? If so, what's your favorite item?

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