Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lunch Date at Moe's & Spectating

After my long run on Saturday, I rushed around to get myself and Ella ready for our afternoon outing. We had plans with Wolfy, the JV coach!

Ella & Wolfy in the stands at competition

The plan was to grab lunch & then head to Victor HS to watch the Varsity compete. Even though we're done for the season, they still have a month to go. We decided to eat at Moe's because we both love it & Wolfy's hubby doesn't like it. I had the chicken club quesadilla with a large iced tea (I love that Moe's has unlimited refills too!) and Wolfy got the home wrecker burrito. Ella slept through lunch and we chatted about preparations for next year, which believe it or not, start in March.

my chicken club quesadilla with chips 

We got the best of both worlds at the competition because we had coach's access and were able to sit with the parents because we weren't running around like crazy. Ella got enough attention to last her 3 weeks and the Varsity took home 1st place!

Ella hanging out with Jess, who just happens to be her baby sitter's daughter

I finished off the day by eating breakfast for dinner & laughing out loud as Eric & I watched Bridesmaids.

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How did you spend your Saturday?

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