Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lake Placid Adventure

This weekend was too much fun!

After the initial stress about leaving on Friday, it turns out that the biggest problem we encountered was fitting all of our stuff into the Jeep! We had a Grand Cherokee, but it was still full to capacity. This is just OUR stuff - my sister & Matt had just as much!

When we arrived at the cabin I was pleasantly surprised. This place is pimped out! It is built for partying with a central speaker system for the entire house, professional grade appliances, and most importantly - board games!

I whooped Matt in Battleship on Friday night!

On Saturday we went into Saranac to watch a local parade. This was probably one of the most ridiculous events I have ever attended. It was in the single digits and the theme was Under the Sea. (Seriously? Does anyone else see the irony here?) People were walking around wearing lobsters, octopi, and jellyfish on their heads. This was not what we expected. We watched from a local bar & let ourselves be entertained by the locals. It was COLD though, so we didn't stay in town as long as we had planned.

On Saturday night we cooked up a feast. We had pulled pork sandwiches, beef roast, garlic mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, garlic bread, and tossed salad. I ate SO much because it was DELISH!

please take note - I was exercising portion control!
Sunday morning was my turn to cook & I ran the flat top like a pro. (My parents used to own a diner - so my sister & I know our way around the kitchen, even though we hate to admit it.) I cooked up bacon, scrambled eggs, and homefries - but I basically just ate bacon because I never take the time to make it at home.

I can't even begin to explain the rest of Sunday's activities because things got silly. Instead, let me just tell you that it was Sunday Funday in the USA Day & leave you with these pictures.


Needless to say... I am in detox mode right now. I bravely stepped on the scale this morning & somehow only gained a pound over the weekend. Tonight is my return to the treadmill - we'll see how that goes!

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