Monday, February 11, 2013

Guilt Shopping

Greetings! We're back from Lake Placid & I'm happy to report that everything went smoothly. Ella exhausted my parents & we had a great time hanging with our friends - more on that later this week.

While I was gone, I did what every guilty mom does when away from her kids - I bought Ella presents! I was looking for something Adirondack-ish but since this moose was $600, she had to settle for presents from the Gap Outlet.

On our way home today, we met my parents in Syracuse at Destiny USA to have lunch & do a little more shopping. My mom wanted to get Ella "a few things" for Valentines Day. This is what we came home with...

sweathsirt & blue dress from Gap Outlet ~ yellow shirt, pink socks, & skinny jeans from Baby Gap
hat, sunglasses & other socks from Janie & Jack

The most awesome purchase of the day was Ella's first pair of sunglasses! We tried on a few pairs, but we decided that the minty blue ones were our favorite.

My family takes our sunglasses very seriously. We're all religious about our Ray-Bans & rock classic Wayfarers.

What kind of sunglasses do you wear?

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