Friday, February 8, 2013

Driving into a Blizzard

So as I mentioned earlier this week, I am heading to Lake Placid for a reunion weekend. I've been SO excited about this trip... until last night when I started having anxiety over the whole thing. Two things have put a serious damper on this trip...

1) The Blizzard!

In case you don't know... Lake Placid is right smack in the middle of the 6 to 12" range of snow. We're also set to leave right at the worst possible time. We are driving an SUV with 4 wheel drive and will be traveling on highways, but I'm definitely not looking forward to the drive this afternoon. I'm just going to sit in the back and play on my iPad. Hopefully the 6 hour trip won't be extended too much longer & we'll arrive safely.

2) Leaving Ella

How could anyone want to leave that face?

Because the weather is going to be so bad today, we had to take Ella down to my parents last night. This means that I'm leaving her for FOUR nights! I'm kind of starting to freak out about it. I was telling my parents all of these ridiculous things that they obviously know... they raised me & I turned out fine! Still, I'm stressed that she won't understand why I'm gone for so long. Thank god for FaceTime, because I will be seeing her at least once a day & reminding her how much I love her.

And now... I need to figure out what to pack for this trip! If you were driving into a blizzard, what would you bring?

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