Thursday, February 21, 2013

An Afternoon with Aunt Brittany

I am extremely close with my baby sister, Brittany. She is in fact my only sister, and we spent the first 18 years of our lives hating one another. Now that we're older more mature, we are best friends. She lived with us for a year when she first moved to Rochester, and she might have stayed if it wasn't for the fact that we kicked her out to make room for Ella. (If only Ella paid rent!

Ella & I road tripped back from Albany at the crack of dawn. She slept the whole way, so it was an easy drive. We made good time & were back in Rochester in time to pick up Britt from the auto shop. She's having the brakes on her NEW car done for the THIRD time! If it was me, I'd be ripping someone's head off. However, she works in the customer service industry, so she tends to be nicer to people behind the counter. She's always telling me not to shoot the messenger... I can be bitchy sometimes. 

Once we picked up Britt, we headed to Chili's for lunch. Ella & her aunt had a lot of catching up to do. Most specifically, Ella had to tell her all about her sneakers. I tell you, my daughter is obsessed with her kicks. She loves them so much that she cries when you take them off. (This fact makes changing her diaper in public quite interesting.)

Lunch was ok - certainly not fabulous. I ordered the Baked Potato Soup with salad & the soup tasted like a bowl of queso. I didn't even eat half of it... oh well, that's what I get for betraying my beloved Buffalo Chicken Salad. 

oh how I wish I'd ordered this instead... 

After lunch, we headed to Target & the mall. I had to return a shirt & pick up my contacts. Brittany had to do a ton of impulse shopping. I swear, she is my mother. The two of them are the same person. They cannot control themselves when they see sale racks and/or baby stores. The most reasonable purchase she made was for her niece, and trust me, Ella didn't need it - although I will admit that she loves it. 

Ella is holding the little birdie that her aunt got her... 

Luckily, I was able to talk her out of buying this... 

Once Eric gets home, I'm headed out for 4 miles. I'm hoping that he missed his daughter because she is FULL of it right now! 

Are you an impulse shopper? 


  1. So glad Ella got to spend time with her Aunt Brittany! Aunts will spoil them rotten! I go through phases. Sometimes I don't spend money and sometimes I can't stop!

  2. One thing - 'older' and 'more mature' do not always go together :)

    And I agree - if I was back for a third time for brakes on a new car I would have a hard time not getting a bit irritable ...

    Back to your Albany trip - I went to school at RPI and grew up in Boston, and remember looking at the toll ticket for the NY Thruway the first time (back in the early 80s no less) and thinking it would cost more in tolls than gas to go from Albany to Buffalo!

    1. It's $9.55 to get from Rochester to Albany right now - so ridiculous! I actually grew up in Troupsburg, which is only about 30 minutes south of Corning & we still have our house there. I try to visit my parents when they're at that house, just because it is so much cheaper & shorter. We normally only go to Albany 3 or 4 times a year because $20 in tolls round trip is a bit much.


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