Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Dilema

This weekend I'm taking a trip to Lake Placid.

this is the house we're renting

We're leaving the baby with my parents (they are beyond excited) and reuniting with Eric's college roommates. Just to be clear ~ they're crazy. I mean, I'm going to consume copious amounts of alcohol this weekend & will most likely end up in costume.

with the State Street ladies at our Wrestlemania party

That's not my dilema though ~ spending time with them is a no-brainer because I love them all dearly. My dilema is my training plan! We're leaving on Friday afternoon, and I have absolutely no idea what my workouts are going to end up like. This is what my schedule is supposed to look like...

There is just no way that I'm going to get in 6 miles on Sunday morning. I'm being realistic here. I'm trying to be proactive & work hard this week. I didn't take Monday as a rest day so that should replace my Saturday workout. Friday is already supposed to be a rest day, so that isnt' a big deal. Monday is typically a rest day, so should I just push the 6 mile run to then?

Advice is needed! I'm so excited about this weekend, but I'm also looking to avoid any setbacks in my training. I've worked really hard & don't want to blow it on booze & chicken wings.

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