Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I'm Reading... The Heavy

On Monday night I headed to the gym with every intention of taking spin class. But after 10 minutes on the bike, my lungs just couldn't take it anymore. I decided not to kill myself & headed to a treadmill. I jacked up the incline & began walking. Something is better than nothing.

Whenever I walk on the treadmill, I read trashy magazines. Somehow I got the latest edition of People, rather than the 2 month old copy, and started to gaze in awe at the Golden Globes dresses. But eventually I ran out of pretty pictures & ended up reading about a book called, "The Heavy." 
{this synopsis taken from}

I was totally intrigued by the synopsis & had to download it onto my iPad. I started reading it last night and I'm already 100 pages in. The struggles that she faces both as a woman and as a parent resonate with me. I worry all the time about being a positive role model for Ella and pray daily that she doesn't struggle with healthy living in the ways that I did. I want better for her, which is exactly what the author of this book wants for her daughter. 

While I was finding a synopsis to post for you all, I found out that this book is actually quite controversial. Read here... and here.

Would you ever put your child on a diet? 
Do you worry about being a role model 
for your children?

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  1. That book sounds intriguing. I would never force my daughter on a diet, but I would remove all sweets/junk from the house so she only had healthy choices to make.


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