Monday, January 21, 2013

The Return of Hockey (aka The Loss of My Husband)

The NHLreturned this weekend, which means two things for me.
  1. Eric will monopolize the television even more than normal. Luckily, I'll start getting home at 4 soon, and can watch my favorite shows on DVR before he gets home. 
  2. Ella finally got to wear her Sabres jersey. If it was up to her father, she'd wear it every day. Or she'd rotate it with a Bills jersey and wear it every other day. (Notice she isn't wearing a headband - Eric says that hockey girls don't wear headbands. He stinks.) 

She was really digging the jersey, especially the sleeves, which she chewed on non-stop.

We made pizza & my favorite wings, then snuggled on the couch like lazy bums. It was so nice to just cuddle as a family after another crazy week. I'm really looking forward to the end of cheer season so life can slow down just a little bit. 

While on the couch, I read my latest issue of Shape. 

While reading, I learned 3 things:
  1. Jenny McCarthy is 40? What? She doesn't look it. I also love her passion about autism. While I don't believe in everything she believes, I've worked with enough autistic kids that I respect any parent who has to deal with the disability every day.
  2.  I'm addicted to success stories. It makes me feel like I'm not alone in my weight loss journey to read about others who are fighting the same battle every day. This has always been the case for me. When I belonged to Weight Watchers, that was the feature of the website that I frequented the most. If you want someone to read your weight loss story & cheer you on - I'm your girl.
  3. I read an article on happiness & one of their secrets to happiness was to embrace good enough. I think that I'm slowly learning to do this. Parenthood has certainly made me abandon perfectionism, and work is just too chaotic to fine tune every detail for every lesson. Maybe I'll regain my perfectionist attitude as Ella grows up, my mom certainly hasn't lost hers, but until then I'm happy with good enough. (Which is why I am just getting around to taking down my Christmas decorations today!) 
Are you a perfectionist or can you live with good enough? 
Anyone else a huge hockey fan? 

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