Friday, January 11, 2013

Tackling Friday One Healthy Choice at a Time

Today wasn't perfect. I ate a few Timbits at my conference & I couldn't resist the call of homemade Chex Mix when I got home. I did make some healthy choices though, and I'm choosing to focus on the positive...

Healthy Choice #1 - Lunch
I had a salad & applesauce for lunch. I could've gone to McDonald's with some other people, but I resisted & stuck to my game plan. I was really glad that I already had my lunch with me because it gave me an easy out when I was invited.

Healthy Choice #2 - Walking at Lunch
Since I didn't need to spend the hour long lunch break running to get food, I had time to get in a walk. I convinced a colleague to join me & we got 45 minutes in. The time flew by because we were chatting away. I really need to exercise with friends more often.

Those aren't huge accomplishments. I know I don't deserve an award or anything, but I'm proud. There was a time when I would've been the person suggesting a trip to Mickey D's and snickering about the health freaks walking & eating salad. I will continue to become a better person, one healthy choice at a time.

In Other News...
Tonight was our "show-off" for the parents. At 5:15, all of the cheer parents arrived and we performed the whole routine as if it was competition. This was the first time the parents had seen it start to finish & they seemed really impressed. We upped our level of difficulty this season. I'm hoping it will pay off big tomorrow!

Ella & I with our JV Coach

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