Friday, January 18, 2013

Pinterest Thursday - Home Edition

I'm looking for a new way to store my bags & this might just be it! I'm going to talk to my dad this weekend to see if he can find me a vintage door. If he can, I'm going to make him put hooks into it for me too. (He's a good dad. He'll say yes.)

I got a gorgeous hurricane vase from Pottery Barn for Christmas last year & have never found the perfect filling for it. I think this might be the ticket. Coffee beans are relatively cheap & I already have a white candle so I can tackle this project right away.

Last, I love this sign. It's so true in our house. Things will be spotless on Sunday morning and by Wednesday it's a disaster. Like so many things in our life, we do our best. I'm simply not going to stress over finger prints on the window & a little dog hair on the floor. Life's too short :)

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