Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pajama Day!

It's Spirit Week at my school and we're busy celebrating the half way mark of the school year. How do we do this? We dress up like superheroes and wear jerseys. Today we're celebrating by wearing PJs. Now some people might find it inappropriate for teachers to partake, but as the cheerleading coach, spirit is my thing. I wholeheartedly participate each day. Getting up was so easy today, knowing that once I got out of the shower, I could slip back into yoga pants and not into a skirt.

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Now to be clear, I do not look like a total slob kabob. I am pretty pulled together. I'm rocking yoga pants, a zip up hoodie, and my slippers. I showered this morning & my hair is done. I could easily run errands after work and no one would bat an eye. (This was NOT the case for two of my co-workers who had to run out in their capes yesterday.) However, if there is a fire drill we're all screwed because I've seen at least half of the staff in their slippers today.
my slippers from Old Navy
As an extra treat... I let myself drink a hot chocolate on the way to work this morning. It was SO good. I got it from Wegmans instead of Starbucks and was very excited to see that they didn't use any powder in the drink. Instead it was a thick chocolate syrup & skim milk. Again, it was SO good and perfect on this WINDY morning.

another perk of Wegmans Hot Chocolate -
they build the sleeve right into the cup!

How did you treat yourself today?

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